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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.



So there's a reference old enough to challenge. Okay, do you know the song? Long song short, it is about a mighty wind and mighty wind is what took limbs down and broke a combination clock and thermometer that has been in my yard for nineteen years. There was broken glass and a missing nut but af...
There are things that are mindless and done without thought all the time. We breathe, we brush, we bath and generally don't even think about them. And then there are the foods we ingest without realizing it: bagels in the office, donuts at the open house or chips where we find them. None of these...
In my continuing effort to highlight and then relate to every old song I know, my choice for today is that well known Annie tune: "the Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow". It is January 30th and the temperature is supposed to reach 60 today, (it is already 58 and foggy) with showers later. What is going o...
It isn't always easy to accept the good around us,  because as I have found, sometimes things happen and everything that was moving along is stopped. In real estate, this happens a great deal and usually because of outside forces, attorneys, mortgage companies, appraisals and the like. Patience i...
So I am watching and experiencing the snow, and sleet and freezing rain and waiting for those days when wine and roses are the watch words and music is the bonus. It is an old song but a nice one. Tomorrow is going to be springlike, 60 degrees here and warm enough in Massachusetts for my contract...
Sometimes I find that my life is a lot like Ebay. I want what I want and on occasion, I do lose sight of the consequences for what I do or bid. It is a very fine line and I am working hard to insure I don't go overboard. Once in awhile I see something that is just right, perfect or will work in a...
Just a regular, uneventful day with nothing planned and no one scheduled. The air is cold and I fear so am I. And then I look at my three doggies and see their excitement and patience: " maybe she'll give us a treat....maybe we''ll get a little piece of bread from her breakfast." When I watch my ...
I live in central New Jersey and plan to move to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts where winter is real and snow comes with the territory. That said is is cold here: seriously cold. When I was in college in Northern Wisconsin, I learned what winter was, but it has been a very long time sinc...
Every once in awhile I get a thought I can't shake and this dear friends is one of those times. When talking about real estate buyers and sellers often get entrenched in the process and they forget what it is they are doing unless they are lucky, or smart enough, to work with a savvy and honest a...
I always know when a buyer has an interest in my home. The first thing I rely upon is the amount of time they spend in my house. If they are in and out quickly, it's not for them. If a looker doesn't take a brochure they have certainly decided they don't want the home. It really doesn't matter wh...

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