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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.



It has been many weeks since I my accident and I have only been out of the house in an ambulance or wheelchair van to go to the hospital or the surgeon. Because I am on a walker and need to hop around in my home I am essentially confined to the bedroom and bath on a single level. It is tough and ...
Today I wrote to an EBay seller who offered to combine shipping on multiple purchases. I was interested two sets of solar lighting. I found the set from other sellers but this was the only person who had more than one set and offered discounts for ordering more than one. So I got a response askin...
There is something magic about providing a safe, loving and forever home to a dog or cat who wouldn't have a chance without you. Pets are typically more intuitive than humans and immediately understand when a person loves and cares for them. There is a bond that happens that can not be explained ...
Recently, I had a message and a follow up call from an Active Rainer who had never blogged or even commented because she felt she wasn't creative enough to do so. I was miffed by this. As a trainer, agent and   someone who blogs and comments daily I don't believe that creativity is absolutely nec...
Since my accident in March, I am unable to bear weight on my left foot and leg. In January and February I ordered new plants and flowering trees for my new old house knowing they wouldn't arrive before May and by then I would be living there full time. Well, life happened and I can't get them in ...
There comes a point in time for most folks when they need to decide where they want to be and why. When that time comes it isn't always a matter of equity: sometimes it is just a matter of moving forward. For me it was like that. Because I have been there and done that I have a soft spot for peop...
My foot really hurts. Whether or not the boot is on or off there is is no respite and Tylenol isn't making it better, however the sun is out and my crew is working on the deck. The forsythia is blooming and I am in a good place, if not in good shape. I'll take it because the sun is shining.
Because life is so very short it is important to enjoy the moments as they happen and not wish away the now, because the now is the only sure thing we have. Time flies, people come and go and days pass never to be seen again. What are you doing today? Does it matter? Can you make it? Do your best...
After my accident I wasn't really eating. My appetite was the least of my concerns and the drugs I was taking impacted my health so eating wasn't a priority and didn't really want anything anyway. That was pretty much my story for about a month. Yesterday I was really craving something sweet, som...
So yesterday the crew worked on my decks and the fence guy came as well. My fence is done but it needs to be straightened. There is a funny bend in the back and it won't be done twice so I might as well get what I want. The excavator was here too. My airport mix driveway needs to be filled in and...

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