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          NEW SERIES: AUGUST   Starting this August a new series at the Grace Place: God can you see me? If you have ever questioned If God really can see you personally and be personally involved in your daily life, make sure you check out the Grace Place.  Service times: Sat. 6pm and Sunday at...
                            Are you still waiting for a smooth closing? Ahhh the smooth closing is the most elusive of creatures. It exists along side big foot..."often heard of but rarely seen". Prepare yourself for the certainty that there will be uncertainty.  Do not FEAR: the phone, email or...
                Each one of us are subject to "trigger" words. When we hear them we instantly react. More than one "Reply All" button is hit each minute in the US, as a result of seeing one of these "Trigger" words in an email. Most of the time they center around language that is accusatory. We ...
Christopher CalnanStaff Writer-Austin Business Journal   AUSTIN TECH   Xplore Technologies Corp. announced Monday a $3 million order for its rugged tablet computers. The Austin-based company didn’t disclose the identity of the customer except to say it is a medical device manufacturer. The custom...
  Serving and Growing go hand in hand. In fact the very best way to grow in Christ is to serve. As we serve in the Mission Jesus gave to us (Lk. 19:10) we will grow. When Jesus gathered the 12 disciples he did not take them to the local Bible School. He took them with Him to the mission field.  ...
Beautiful home for sale in the Summerlyn community in Leander Texas. Features include "smart home": unlock your door, adjust lights and temprature in your home using your cell phone. Summerlyn is a fantastic community with walking trails, pools and playgrounds. Leander schools are top notch. If ...
  A neighbohood gathering in Pflugerville, Texas July 26th. If you are in the area you are certianly invited to join us for a fun night. Snow cones and popcorn and a movie. Make some new friends and catch up with old friends. It all begins at 7:30pm so come join us. No need to bring anything but...
  We are in the age of communication. It is really a wonderful time. Google a subject, a word, a career...or anything and you will have libraries full of information at your finger tips. Because of this many believe they are now experts in fields that are not their full time profession.    At th...
                    First of all my apologies for the picture above. Once again I am doing my best to get back into shape physically. The picture above reminds me how I got out of shape. Over the years my wife and I have tried many different diet and exercise programs and most all of them worked...
  It's that day of the week where it is time to GET OUT OF THE OFFICE! Yes, it will still be a workday but today I am setting up shop at Starbucks. The primary purpose of "out f the office day", is two-fold.  1. STIMULATE CREATIVE THINKING: The fresh surroundings, the smell of coffee, the soft m...

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