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The Real Estate Industry has changed dramatically over the last decade. These changes have profound effects on how, when and where one buys Real Estate.  

Michele and I recognize that one of the most important decisions of your life will be the Home you buy. Our promise to you is that we will provide the highest level of service and provide you with current real time advise to assist in making your decision. We also recognize that it is "Your" decision. A home is very personal and each person and family needs to find the right fit for them.

If you are buying, selling or leasing real property we are committed to providing excellence in service. The Austin/Round Rock, Texas area is our home too. We value each person we serve and provide them with our complete attention.



It is our commitment to provide you with exemplary personalized service beyond your expectations. My practice is to listen to you.

Es nuestro compromiso para ofrecerle un servicio ejemplar personalizado más allá de susexpectativas. Mi práctica es escuchar a usted.



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                                                    How I can Help you...


Austin is a Hot area for property investing. Let me show you how to cash flow on multi-family property investment right from the start.


          BUYING OR SELLING YOUR HOME:           

Buyers and Sellers want experienced representatives that understand the current market and know how to capitalize on what the market is doing. I invest my time and money in 3 things:

Education to learn the current real estate market trends, opportunities, tax loop holes. Networking with the individuals who are active in the current market and offer my clients the best deals that meet their investment strategies. Buying Real Estate! I believe in this product and am fully invested in the market I work.  

LEASING:   We have the tools to provide you with all the information you need to make a decision when leasing a property. We can professionally list your rental property on the MLS, our websites, craigslist,, as well as our many blogs that reach all across the nation. We can also manage your property taking the stress and pressure of dealing with a rental property off your shoulders. We have all the resources to ensure your property will be maintained in good condition throughout the rental process    

Some Questions  and answers about Leasing:          

Q: My wife and I are considering leasing a home which we have never done before. Can we expect a credit check to be done when applying to lease a home and, in general, what is the ballpark credit score for which they are looking when leasing a home?     Thanks!
–Anonymous, Dallas, TX    

A: Yes you can expect a credit check. The score is subjective, but it should be good. The Realtor (and landlord) are looking at your ability to pay the rent. So if you have references, an explanation for why your score might not be good – i.e. temporary setback due to job loss that is now behind you.    

Q: Can you send me current apartment listings?   -Brian B. RR TX    

A: Yes, I can provide you with listings from apartments All over the austin and surrounding area.   

Q. Can you send me only properties that accept pets?   Lisa A. Austin, TX  

A: Yes. I can narrow it down to particular kinds of pets or the weight of say a dog or cat.   






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Amie and Christjon
Alan is absolutely wonderful to work with - he is always open to new ideas and allows you to use your creative discretion. He is not only a great Realtor but a wonderful person.

I am a professional Realtor serving clients in the Austin Texas area since May of 2007. I have 12 years real estate experience helping clients buy, sell and lease Real Estate. My practice is Listening