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      I can look back over my life and admit that had I known certain things at the time of a decision I would have made a different decision. There are have been many times I wished I could rewind the clock and do things differently. If you had known…What would you have done differently.  We all...
  How does a heart get 2 sizes too small? Rejection, personal wounds, grief, anger, bitterness and unforgiveness all contribute to shrinking a heart. This December we will explore how to Enlarge your heart and prepare to embrace the wonders of the moment and the promise of the future. Join us.  ...
If we could only capture these moments and put them in a box that would allow us to visit them as often as we would like. Time moves on and we are ushered into the new day. Each day holds it own adventures and promise. I was watching my children yesterday. They are all grown now. I was picturing...
  Do Realtors get Holidays off? Many Realtors are actually  independent business owners who hang their license with a cooperative Broker. As such they respond to their customers needs year round. Holidays are often the best times for their clients to view properties since they have the day off. ...
      Bring your own leftovers containers! We love inviting guest to join us at Thanksgiving. There is always so much great food.  One of the ongoing issues when sending guests home with a few Thanksgiving leftovers is finding the proper containers. There just never seems to be enough containers,...
I admit I should know better. More than half of my immediately family is in retail, so I should not be in line causing them more grief but I can't help it. Yes, I am ready to start the 12 step program... "Hello, my name is Alan and I am a Black Friday Shopper".  For the past decade I have been i...
  What do we learn about Real Estate from the Wizard of Oz? -Do not buy a house in Kansas. Just kidding. The real lesson is to buy a good Home Owners policy with coverage for flood and tornado's -If your home lands on witch take her shoes you can use them to bargain later. -A castle is not all i...
  Have you ever forgotten to say Thank YOU? I think we all have at one time or another. If you are not careful, you can even train yourself to believe people should thank you for needing them to help you? “Entitlement” is a big word in our culture today. It refers to an attitude that is absent g...
                                                                                  It is easy to overlook, especially when the deals look so good. In the furry to buy, flip and close the main thing can get lost. What is the Main thing when it comes to Real Estate?  An Economy producing high paying...
brrrrrrr     For many of you this would not be cold weather but for us in the Southwest the 30's is very cold, plus it is raining all day. The good news is ....I have a fire place! It is time to lite it up and get warm. lol Maybe some soup or chili for dinner. Sound good?   

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