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                                      A wonderful couple I know just locked down their new home and want us to help them sell their existing home. They are positioned "financially" so they can do things this way. Most of my clients need to sell the home they live in first, so they know roughly wh...
                                                                                                              The Grace Place hosted a family picnic day Sunday after the morning service. We had a great time. Water slide and bouncy house provided a ton of fun for all the kids.                     ...
      We had a wonderful visit with my great neice Avery (aka "The Bookie Bear). She is so sweet. Could not resist taking some pictures of her among the beautiful Texas Wildflowers. She is leaving to go home today we will greatly miss her. Thanks for coming to visit and have a safe trip home. 
      I get the mental picture that two guys were hammering away on this calendar during the Mayan dynasty and suddenly one of them says. Whose is ever going to live past 2012. The other guy laughs they drop their tools and head down to the local pub or watering hole and that is that.  Whatever t...
  Today is your day to Shine! Access the weekend and form a plan. Nothing is going to stop you from making this the best week ever!    Share your day with friends! Set aside time to think and clearly form your plan for the week. Make room for surprises. If you stack your calendar back to back yo...
        Today is a great day to say Thanks. To take time to re-focus on the ONE who set the universe in motion. The ONE who formed us and loves us more than anything! If you are in the area we invite you to join us 10:30am as we take a look at the DESIGNER of all things.  The Grace Place 1500 Roy...
One of my favorite times of year spring and baseball Texas style. On the one hand...College baseball!                 On the other hand Professional baseball! Go RANGERS!!!                                                     Ahhh yes! Baseball has been very very good to me! Planning to attend som...
            There are some simple things you can do to make your yard look great. Add some color, keep the weeds away and create a yard you can enjoy year around. The video above may give you some ideas for your Austin Texas Garden. There are so many plants that will do great in our environment a...
JUST RELEASED: The photos below were just released by the FBI in their effort to identify the potential bombers in the Boston Marathon. The men in these photos are suspects only at this point. If you see them or know who they are contact your local police department immediately.         Lets cont...
  WHO IS AT THE DOOR? Opportunity wears a number of disguises. More often than not it looks very human. There is one fundamental rule for success when it comes to opening to opportunity. Get out your pen, you will want to write this down.   "SERVICE ALWAYS COMES BEFORE SALE"   If you will serve ...

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