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  Torchy's Taco's now has a location in Round Rock Texas! The best in fine Texas Mexican food. A must visit when in the Austin area. Fair warning: once you try you will be addicted. Breakfast, lunch on D!inner this place is packed so get there early so you can get a table inside. 
    What is it about the pipeline? Deals are difficult to get into the Pipeline and easily fall out. After putting all the hard work into getting a deal in the pipeline, how can you keep it there and push it all the way to the closing table?   1. Keep clear and constant communication going in eve...
  Seeking approval is a high priority for many people. We want to be "Liked". Facebook has taken advantage of this drive in humanity to be "liked". We have been given a shortcut from comments on the statements of our friends, all we need to do is touch the thumbs up with our cursor and TA DA! We...
  It is probably more me than this assistant but we got off on the wrong foot and I don't want to work with her. The agent is very nice and professional. He seemed to be organized and even has a computer set up in his car like a police cruiser. It was awesome.  He gave me no warning when we met i...
        Don't worry it is not a bad mood. I woke and begin to read through my correspondence for the day. I was deeply moved and touched by a college friend of mine who wrote this:   "But that first year of college was awesome for me. I was away from home and I forged some friendships that, even...
    Up at 6 to take my wife to the airport. Got her there by 7:30am. Drove to coffee shop catch up on email and confirm today's appointments. Stopped by Title to Drop off a contract for a listing we have.  First meeting a couple who is turning in an application for a property they wish to lease i...
                        Today is a great day! The week is before us! Take this moment to Evaluate the opportunities before you. It is time to execute the plan for the week. In Austin Texas that means helping the thousands of wonderful people who are looking for a home to buy or lease and those w...
    These two guys are doing a great job working with our kids program over the summer. We snapped some photos to use for promo. Meet. Faith Ranger and his faithful sidekick Prayer Warrior.  You can see these guys in videos at go to the youtube site.  Hope they find ...
                    Today feels like a week! Late night last night. After the dust settled we had four offers on this half acre property. Looks like we have an accepted offer at full price with the only ask a 400.00 home warranty.  Got up this morning at 6am dropped off paint and supplies at the...
  18 DAYS ON THE MARKET 12 VISITS 2 ARE READY TO OFFER An extremely rare find! A beautiful home move in ready sitting on a half acre just minutes from downtown Austin Texas. This is probably decision weekend. If you have clients bring them. Home has a pool, a beautiful garden area, storage build...

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