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  Article by Austin Canary Posted with Permission (Austin attends UT and is a film major, he works as a floor manager in retail. He brings a unique perspective to learning to Listen.)   It’s been a long day. Week. Month. Today you hit snooze a couple times and didn’t bother to do that one thing y...
    They have a message worth remembering. When they talk, people listen.  Evidently, there is something worth remembering there.  They have a lifestyle worth considering. Does their walk match their talk? Does their life match what they say they are?        They have a faith worth imitating. A ...
    So what's up with this 30 Days of Blessing at the Grace Place?    Glad you asked. I am so excited about 30 days to refocus our hearts on Jesus. 30 days to engage in the mission he gave to us and see the Holy Spirit work in the lives of those God has placed around us! Here is a snapshot of wha...
            1.CLARITY OF CALL:   FOR LEADERS: -It is not enough to do it because you see the need. -Or because no one else rises up (leadership vacuum) -Or it looks interesting -Or I have a little experience in that area!   A leader must be CLEAR on their call to lead! Be honest about your weakn...
  SOME THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT AUSTIN   Austin has a population 790,390 and is the 14th largest city in the US. Currently our population is 50% bigger than Atlanta, which is the 43rd largest city. Austin is the youngest big city in the US per capita with 90,000 total college and university ...
    2 Corinthians 8:7. Paul is talking about giving. He says, "Just as you excel in everything else, in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness, and in your love for us, see that you also excel in this grace of giving."   There are three reasons in the Bible for Giving. Manipulati...
SO NOW THAT WE ALL KNOW WHAT THE FOX SAYS...ring ding ding  What does the Real Estate Client Say?     The Client says: "Can you sell My Home at the best Price for the current Market?" "Can you locate properties that fit our needs and send us only those listings?" "Can you send me Lease Listings o...
FREE GUITAR LESSONS   Brian Piland has been offering FREE guitar lessons for the past 3 years. The course lasts 6 weeks and you will be playing the guitar by the end of those six week. Lessons are Tuesday Nights at 7pm and you can sign up at  Classes are held at the www...
  CLARITY: How clear are you on your mission? The only thing worse than having no mission is to have an undefined or too broad mission. At the end of last year I broadened my personal mission to include listing properties for sale in our area. Prior to that decision I had worked primarily as a Bu...
    [Photo: BBQ Revolution/Facebook] It was bound to happen. Somebody, somewhere, was going to open a vegan barbecue truck in Austin. BBQ Revolution will be debuting at North Loop House and Yard next week, right next to vegan donuts at Red Rabbit Bakery and down the street from vegan tacos at The...

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