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      CHARACTER MATTERS!    Recent events in the news with respect to our government are a reminder of how much character matters when we are electing leadership. My father in Law used to say to me: "A man who will lie to you will steal from you".  Character can be measured effectively by asking...
  In 1990 we lived in Phoenix, Arizona. As a family we had outgrown our home. Everyday on my drive to work I took a short cut that took me by a beautiful home. It sat on almost a half acre of land. The landscape was a beautiful oasis in the desert. It was located in a quiet community. There was ...
  In an active market, the kind Austin is experiencing currently, leasing a home, condo, townhome or Apartment require: real time information, speed and patience.    REAL TIME: sites like trulia and zillow are running to far behind this market. I get calls weekly from people interested in seeing...
  ENERGY AUDIT         If you live inside the city of Austin, Texas and are looking to sell your home you are required to have an Energy Audit Inspection. The link above will connect you with "Green Leaf" one of many great energy audit companies in the Austin area.  Depending on the company and l...
                      Mother's Day is Sunday May 15th! As I write those words the anxiety is rising. I don't know why I worry so much, I have done this before in fact I have done this 25 times and this will be 26. It always comes together in the end and now that the kids are older they really hel...
      Author Florence Littauer tells a story of how she drove to a local mall one day went shopping for several hours and returned to the garage to fetch her car. On the way she realized she had left her keys in the last store she had visited so she went back inside and was relieved to find her ...

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