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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.



If you live in the area you just know. It isn't a matter of weather or the date or even calendar: it is the traffic. Yesterday, it was apparent that the season was upon us. The Berkshires International Film Festival ends tomorrow and the parades are done but soon, really soon Tanglewood opens, th...
I wrote about the amazing tree men before. My new neighbors were having numerous trees removed to allow light to shine on their property. It was better than the circus or a magic show. I took and posted pictures. Then I had the owner of the company look at at tree I had in my front yard that seem...
I have been told I have changed. So? Isn't that what you would expect? All of us, well at least those of us who are lucky enough to live through our idiosyncrasies, change as we grow. Don't we? I think it is impoosible to be the way we were always. If you have experienced, loved, worked, or been,...
There is a feeling of accomplishment when something is done. Today, I am happy to say that the metal in my ankle for over a year is now out,  the bandages are gone, and the staples are gone. I will never be the same but that is true of all of us, everyday. Stuff happens and it is the way that we ...
Sometimes we hear things but do not listen. Other times we listen but do not comprehend. It pays to be careful because if not, you could pay the price. When someone says we'll see, it means pause and focus because if not you have just lost the client and there is little to do but move on. Ask que...
There is an order of things in the garden and following it is really important. Just like our daily activities there is a reason to do things as they are intended to be. We shower before we dress and the garden is the same. I am waiting for my tree guy to get rid of an enormous half dead big one ...
I live in an area where woodchucks, wolf and bear are pervasive. Occasionally there will even be a big cat a cougar or a cousin of this one, hanging about. Birds are pervasive and there are the routine small animals. Yesterday, I saw a black squirrel. I have never seen one so very black and it wa...
There was a parade in Stockbridge this afternoon. Before it happened there were two other parades in other adjoining small towns because there is a regional school system here and everyone wants to see their children and their Veterans.  There is something magical about a small town. Today the te...
On this day, on any day, be kind and be conscience of doing so. Anyone can feel hurt, unnoticed, or very much alone, but if there is a kind note in your day, then all is improved and everything looks better. I try and remember this and act with kindness always. Often when I am down, and I exhibit...
I don't generally re-blog. I can only think of twice in five years and they were both life and death situations. I am re-blogging this because it is accurate, poignant and important. Tammy tells it well and i can't improve upon it. I think if you missed this, you should read it, and if you alread...

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