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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.



Tomorrow is the third day in a great three day weekend. It is however Labor Day when we as a people think about working and those who do so. I am also thinking about those looking for work today. Work can be hard but it is also empowering. I am always mindful of how lucky I am and how hard others...
Well the Tanglewood season for 2014 is officially over. Tony Bennett just closed the venue with an amazing show. I like Tony Bennett, but wasn't a big fan until today. This guy is amazing. He sounds better today than twenty years ago and is all that you would imagine and more: gifted, kind and ve...
Interesting things are seen everywhere , everyday. In my yard there is an old outhouse. I was told when I bought the house that it was "always there." At some point when I had carpenter ants I was advised to get rid of it. Not me, this is historic, so I had it treated and then the foundation rebu...
I had a good day. I just came home after a Music and More Concert performed by a group called Aston Magna at an old Quaker Meeting House now used for music with an art gallery downstairs. It was a trip. The program consisted of 15th and 16th century selections played on period instruments includi...
Well it is still August, the sun is out, the animals are in tow in my home and the wild ones outside wanting to get in, and I hear a very loud noise. I put my shoes on and ventured outside. Was it an army of squirrels with a battering ram trying to get back in to their former home by breaking thr...
Funny how life works. You get, you give, you win and you lose. In my life I have learned a few things that I share whenever and wherever I can. It took awhile but I have learned that it is important to take what you need, and then give what you can. There are times when it seems there is nothing ...
The critters are very interested in the activity around and in my home. Since the squirrels and the bats have published reviews in the neighborhood, it seems all of the varmints want in despite my best efforts to close shop. Yesterday this bird was flying around and coming very very close the the...
So often we talk of time and how it impacts business and life decisions. It is real and it matters. In many parts of the country, school has started and in other areas it will be next week. So with kids back to school, smart sellers are thinking of of gearing up for the fall and winter when serio...
I am getting braver. It has been a long week with Bats, Squirrels and others coming in and out, and then the men who chase them. Bravery is a acquired taste ans I think I prefer to do without it. So as I sat on the couch and contemplated another 7 AM visit I looked to my keft and saw this Daddy L...
I live in the country. I have seen animals big and small as well as common and wild since moving to the Berkshires from New Jersey. This morning for example while waiting for the trapper to check for squirrels and bats, I saw the two largest bucks I have ever seen just strolling down my street. T...

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