condos: New Construction: The Rushmore 80 Riverside Boulevard - 06/01/08 12:23 PM

80 Riverside Drive New York, NY, 10069
Neighborhood Upper West Side
Cross Streets West 63rd Street and West 64th Street
Ownership Condominium
Building Type High-rise
Service Level Full Service
Size 41 Floors. 485 Apartments.
Age Post-war. Built 2006.
Details Residential Street, Block: 1171, Lot: 140, School District: 0.
Financing Allowed 90%
Access Elevator
Amenities LaPalestra Well Center, 50-foot swimming pool, Garden atrium, Landscaped sundeck, Entertaining Suite with catering capabilities, Private theatre, Family game room, Indoor playground designed by Kidville, Billiards Room, Abigail Michaels lifestyle managers, Garage, Health Club
Current Available units range from a 951 square foot Two Bedrooom asking … (3 comments)

condos: Manhattan's "Green Rush" - New Eco Friendly Condo Developments - 05/17/08 12:13 PM

The Future is Now!Green technology and space age designs are currently under construction throughout Manhattan.
High Line 23 or HL23 (shown) is a new green building from Neil M. Denari Architects that is currently under construction in the West Chelsea art gallery district at West 23rd Street and 10th Avenue.The structure is a 14 floor mixed use of gallery space and condominiums with amazing views of the new High Line elevated park.The condo will include nine floor-through apartments ranging in size from about 1,850 square feet to 2,600 square feet. Prices range from $2,750,000 to $10,500,000 for the 3700 square … (13 comments)

condos: Harlem Update: New Residential Developments - 07/19/07 01:55 AM
The Kalahari 40 West 116th StreetThe Kalahari will be covered in decorations inspired by South African Ndebele tribal designs. Adinkra symbols" and other African designs and markings will adorn the walls.
The 12 story building will contain an independent film center, education center and a gym.
The "green" building features: Eco-friendly systems, wind-energy, filtered air-delivery system, zip cars, etc.
Nearly half of the 249 planned condos have been set aside for moderate-income buyers.
The remaining market priced 129 unit condominium is more than 50% sold.
Currently available are 2 and 3 bedroom units ranging from $700,000 to $1,585,000. The two tower … (2 comments)

condos: New Condo Kitchens and Baths: What's Hot and What's Not - 07/13/07 02:26 AM
Luxury condos going up throughout the city, the latest trend is subtelty. Large spaces with quiet, subtle luxury is being seen in the newer condo projects.
Designers are creating kitchens that conceal major appliances. Flaunting appliances such as the Sub-Zero, the Viking, the Wolf are out. Today many buyers are looking for kitchens to be more sleek and concealed they don't want to see appliances anymore.
Many of the new condos are featuring kitchens that look like a built -in-piece of furniture; dishwashers are covered, refrigerators are covered.
Instead of traditional ovens, many condos have flat, sleek oven tops. Sleek (and often smaller) appliances … (10 comments)

condos: New Residential Developments: West Chelsea - 06/11/07 04:55 PM
 Chelsea New Construction update:
175 Ninth Avenue (No condo towers for Seminary)
The General Theological Seminary has reversed course on a plan to build a 15- story condominium tower on its campus after news of the plan met with fierce community opposition as reported in the NY Sun. The seminary wanted to build a 151-foot tower to generate $21 million in revenue for renovation of its existing 19th century buildings. Community activists charged the tower would have been out of place in the neighborhood. Officials are now presenting a plan for a seven-story mixed-use residential building.
IMHO tax exempt landmark churches have no business … (6 comments)

condos: New Construction Resales - A REAL DEAL! - 04/08/07 12:39 PM
New Construction Resales in Manhattan -  Save Thousands of Dollars in Closing Costs
Seller Pays New York City and NY State Transfer Tax except when Buying from a Developer/Sponsor.

If you're looking to buy new construction you might save thousands of dollars by buying a resale in a brand new building. When a buyer purchases a condo or coop in a new development directly from the sponsor (developer) the buyer is usually required to pay New York City and New York State transfer tax.
When buying from a sponsor in a coop, (unsold shares) the transfer tax is not only the percentage of the sale … (1 comments)

condos: Landmark Living: Manhattan real estate in history/today A blog series - 11/26/06 09:27 AM
My last blog Starchitect Skyline was part of a series of blogs about Manhattan real estate in history/today. I wrote about the brand name glass tower apartment buildings of the new millennium that are changing the NYC skyline.
This blog is about landmark buildings from another era and other uses that have been transformed or are being converted to luxury apartments.
Old World Details - Meets Modern Amenities.
Famous hotels, landmark banks, insurance company headquarters, factories, hospitals and even a former Police headquarters have been transformed into luxury apartments that offer unique spaces. This trend in real estate is not only taking place in … (12 comments)

condos: Starchitect Skyline: Branded Glass Houses in the Sky - Manhattan real estate in history/ today: 19th century to 21st century homes - 11/20/06 11:49 PM
"Starchitect" aka Star Architect, architect -branded designer buildings throughout Manhattan are changing the face of neighborhoods, lighting up the NYC skyline and turning apartments into Live-in Works of Art.
Innovative designs, the move away from the standard cookie-cutter apartments, luxury service and views are attracting consumers that want everything taken care of for them. From valet parking, concierges, meditation gardens, infinity pools, electronically controlled sliding glass walls to restaurant service and room service.
Recent record sales taking place around the city, a real estate trend that is breaking down the old neighborhood boundaries by allowing the new buildings to become destinations in and … (11 comments)

condos: Manhattan Real Estate in history/today: 455 Central Park West - 09/17/06 02:27 AM
                   455 Central Park West "The Castle"
From A Cancer Hospital Built In 1887 To Luxury Condos Today - No Corners For Germs
In Sunday’s New York Times real estate column Big Deal by Josh Barbanel there’s an item titled Five Turrets, No Dungeons about a couple that recently bought and moved into their new $6.4 million turret condo at 455 Central Park West between 105th and 106th Street. 
Jonathan Miller from Miller Samuel appraisers said the prices paid for the turret apartments were the highest prices paid for a coop or condo north of 96th Street. Of 19 condos there are … (4 comments)

condos: Will History Repeat Itself? It Usually Does - 09/06/06 09:43 AM
During this past year the rental market in Manhattan has become very tight. Rents are soaring, multiple applications and even bidding wars have been going on. Many buyers gave up on buying and decided to rent instead.
Flash back 3 years ago. Landlords were offering 1 -2 months free rent, paying broker fees anything to rent their units. Ads were not pulling. No one was renting everyone was buying. It was cheaper to buy than to rent.
Rents are now skyrocketing. I have heard of landlords asking 20-25% increases in rent when a lease expires. Landlords used to increase 4-5% a year even … (8 comments)

condos: How Much Is That View Worth To You? - 08/28/06 06:23 PM
In May 2003 a study was conducted by Michael H. Schill, director of the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy at New York University; Jonathan Miller, president of Miller Samuel, a leading Manhattan appraisal company; and Ioan Voicu, a research fellow at the Furman Center.
The study looked at Manhattan Apartment attributes and ammenities in features ranging from the age of building, fireplaces, terraces, condos vs coops, views, financial requirements, square footage, doorman etc. and gave each a premium.
The study found there is a 15% premium for condos over coops. Some say there is a premium for … (3 comments)

condos: The "Flip Tax" Creative Financing or a Coop Cop Out ? - 08/27/06 12:42 PM
The flip tax is a transfer fee that many new york coops and condos impose on shareholders and owners. In the early 80's when many rental buildings converted, huge profits were being made by former renters who bought their units at inside prices and then resold them. Called "flipping" The boards decided to impose the transfer fee and call it a flip tax on sellers to disuade flipping.
Due to high oil costs, insurance particularly terrorist insurance, neccessary repairs and increases in expenses many buildings need to build their reserve fund and are trying to impose flip taxes. In order for the flip tax to … (29 comments)

condos: Understanding (and loving) Manhattan - 08/16/06 06:06 AM
Before you come to love Manhattan, you must understand our peculiar housing market. Manhattan is a unique place in the real estate universe. Not only does it have a large rental market (75% of the available housing units vs. about 5 - 10% in other markets), but it has ownership and other important differences that are often puzzling to newcomers.
Showings normally 9 - 5 p.m. (7p.m. the latest)
Most co-ops have restrictions on showing times that vary widely, but must be adhered to. Some buildings do not even allow weekend showings.
Sunday Open Houses are the way to go
Condos and some co-ops … (2 comments)

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