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        In May 2003 a study was conducted by Michael H. Schill, director of the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy at New York University; Jonathan Miller, president of Miller Samuel, a leading Manhattan appraisal company; and Ioan Voicu, a research fellow at the Furm...
The flip tax is a transfer fee that many new york coops and condos impose on shareholders and owners. In the early 80's when many rental buildings converted, huge profits were being made by former renters who bought their units at inside prices and then resold them. Called "flipping" The boards d...
I was in the suburbs today visiting my sister.  She lives in Scarsdale. Her mailing address is Scarsdale but she really lives in the town of Eastchester a couple of blocks from where we grew up in a neighborhood called Crestwood. We were driving on Scarsdale Road a narrow winding 2 lane road that...
A co-op is a form of home ownership that is different than owning real property such as a condo or a house. In a coop each unit is allocated shares. The purchaser buys the shares in the housing corporation. Co-ops are corporations with a board of directors and shareholders. Coops are unique to NY...
50 West 86th Street Tom Cruise has been on the news and in the papers these past few days for being fired by Paramount pictures for jumping on Oprah's couch and talking about Scientology. Since this is a real estate blog I won't comment on that. However I will comment about the building that bot...
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has introduced a combination of two mortgage products. 40-Year MortgageThe  40-year Mortgage  option allow buyers to extend the life of their loan and lower their monthly payments. If they have not been able to afford the payments of a 30 year mortgage, a longer term may...
 THE DAKOTA 1 West 72nd Street  at Central Park West  In 1884, the New York Daily Graphic called it: "one of the most perfect apartment houses in the world" Today more than 100 years later, the Dakota still has fabulous apartments and magnificent views. Some of The Dakota's most famous former and...
I've been reading many posts about Open Houses, I can see why they might not be effective in many markets.In Manhattan we do not have lock boxes or keys available to show a property. In Manhattan the listing agent is almost always present during a showing. An appointment has to be made with the L...
In Sunday April 20, 2006 New York Times Real Estate section the feature story By Vivian S. Toy is titled                     Lets Make A Deal. has a picture of an apartment with a divider down the middle called asking price and a buyer and sel...
The current issue of New York Magazine has an all blue cover with a photo of the top of the twin towers at the bottom. In the middle of the page in white type it reads: WHAT IF 9/11 NEVER HAPPENED? On the top of the page in light blue it reads: FIVE YEARS LATER. In the right bottom corner it read...

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