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Summer is almost over as evidenced yesterday by the crowds of NYU students in Greenwich Village. With a little help from their parents they moved into dorms and apartments in Greenwich Village.  Yesterday was NYU "Move -in Day."  A similar scenario takes place in Morningside Heights as Columbia U...
Leona Helmsley, The New York hotel and real estate "Queen" died of heart failure today at age 87. Leonna was a succesful residential real estate broker before her marriage to Harry Helmsley the NY real estate magnate.  Leona helped her husband run a $5 billion empire that included managing the Em...
Back in July I wrote a post "Say NO to DRUGS" Store Chains when I discovered that on the block between west 87th and west 88th Street on the west side of Broadway a new Walgreens Drug store is coming. I live between 86th and 87th on Broadway. I first discovered something going on when I went to h...
The Apple Bank Building2112 Broadway The landmark Apple Bank Building built in 1928 on the Upper West Side at West 73rd Street and West 74th Street has been converted into 29 residential condominiums. Apaertments range from a Two Bedroom 2.5 baths from $4 million to a Three bedroom 3.5 baths for...
I've been procrastinating writing this blog since being memed by Carole Cohen in her Book Meme: You show me yours and I'll show you mine.  Actually I've been procrastinating blogging altogether lately. I rarely read fiction anymore. Perhaps there is too much information out there particularly sin...