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This blog was inspired by Brian Brady. I recently heard from a lender that starting January lenders and mortgage brokers can no longer use Appraisers that they prefer, recommend or have a relationship with.I didn't know if this was National or a New York State banking regulation specific. Brian s...
                                                    The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 - signed into law by President Bill Clinton together with the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 is probably the most significant change in recent times affecting real estate. This law made some major improvements for Ho...
  In real estate it is very difficult to time the market. Markets go in cycles there are tops and bottoms. Bottoms are usually created by pessimism and negativity. Tops are created by “irrational exuberance"   To quote Jim Cramer on CNBC's Mad Money “Bears make money – Bulls make money but Pigs g...
                   455 Central Park West "The Castle" From A Cancer Hospital Built In 1887 To Luxury Condos Today - No Corners For Germs In Sunday’s New York Times real estate column Big Deal by Josh Barbanel there’s an item titled Five Turrets, No Dungeons about a couple that recently bought and...
The Ansonia - Upper West Side - 2109 Broadway    When The Ansonia opened in 1904 it was called: "the most technologically advanced apartment house in the world" Loaded with towers, mansard roofs, ornate balconies, balustrades, and bay windows, the Ansonia is easily Broadway's most opulent struct...
At my weekly sales meeting today we had a special guest Seth Margolis who gave a reading from his latest novel Closing Costs. A page turner about today's real estate market in Manhattan. Seth is married to an agent in my office Carole Zelner. The lead character Lucinda Wells,...
                                                                        I woke up this morning to a beautiful September day. Not a cloud in the sky. The moon is visible. It is a little more brisk than the summer like day 5 years ago that changed all of our lives. I remember that day like it was y...
My company recently expanded one of our offices and made it our corporate headquarters on Madison Avenue. Our commercial division along with executives, administrative, marketing and our east side agents are located in this beautiful office space.I recently received an email from the President of...
                        $7.99 looks like a $million discovered this product a few years ago in a hardware store. I needed to get rid of scratches and water spots and restore faded looking cherry wood floors without having them redone. The man in the hardware store t...
During this past year the rental market in Manhattan has become very tight. Rents are soaring, multiple applications and even bidding wars have been going on. Many buyers gave up on buying and decided to rent instead.Flash back 3 years ago. Landlords were offering 1 -2 months free rent, paying br...

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