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I always enjoy listening to attorneys explain mortgage financing details to clients purchasing a home while sitting at the closing table.  They all seem to vary a little on how they explain the intricacies of the mortgage, and what happens if one were to default on it.   Some hurry through it, an...
His name is "Morris Gene" and he is an eating machine.........    He is our Feral cat that took us 6 months to slowly tame and bring into our little cat family. Once we tamed him I was able to get him to the vet for a checkup and a fix. So now he is a regular part of our little cat family.  But a...
    Howdy!  Yep  it is spring time in Texas!   and our local TV Station is holding a fun little photo contest.  Please go to the following link and cast your vote For Hoyt !
Tonight, for the second time in my entire career I made a phone call to a title company attorney way after working hours to discuss a problem issue on a pending closing.  The last time I did this , was  many years ago.  I have great respect for title companies and know  the staff all work hard an...
I Know Ilook considerably older than thirty-one.   That's because I am.  What I am referring too is  not my real age , even though I did celebrate a B-Day this month,  but that I am celebrating 31 years in the business of marketing and selling real estate.  Wow does time fly! And Boy do things ch...
I wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't experiencing it, but in checking our local MLS roster our Association of Realtors MLS Service has seen an increase in membership applications since the first of the year. What is driving this phenomenon? Nationally the profession has seen a downturn in sale...
When I first read Jason Sanders List ....well I thought to myself this is why I told someone today " I have learned more on Active Rain in 17 months than I have learned elsewhere over the last 10 years." Here is a reblog of Jason's great post: I just read a great post by Jon Zolsky, What To Blog...
That's right ..I said infinite amortization. That is just about the amount of time it will take for the American Government to pay off the trillions of dollars  it has committed the American people to .  In real estate we seldom see more than a 30 year amortization.  There were some loans made af...
We have the great fortune of enjoying a 20 mile commute each day in a less densely populated area of  central Texas, One of the greatest pleasures we experience during that brief commute is to see an abundance of native animals, birds and flowers. There are currently quite a few bluebonnets showi...
So much is taking place these days that affects the real estate profession, that I sometimes wonder how any professional agent could not help but be concerned on more than just an emotional level with all the change that confronts the modern Realtor. Not everyone has the time or inclination to be...

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