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I just can't get that old Beverly Hillbillies tune out of my head. I suppose it is some hidden desire to hit that "Black Gold"  and "Texas Tea"  they sing about in the tune.  Alas my business is not oil, instead it is real estate brokerage. But really there isn't much difference between the petro...
We are all so proud of  Vicki Smith  at Classic Realty Associates!  Vicki has been doing a terrific job in the property management division and is now beginning to get her foot in the door in residential sales. We all know she will do just as well in sales.  Plus she has just taken on her first r...
Are You a Fence Rider when it comes to making up your mind about things in your business and  personal life?  Do you sit back and watch opportunity slip away? Or do you take a chance now and then on success? Do you know want what you believe in and believe in what you want? The important things i...
Copyright 2009     Milam F. "Trey" Thurmond, Broker, CRB, GRI. For all your real estate needs in Bryan-College Station ,  and Aggieland  Texas .....including Residential, Land, Investments, and Property Management Services. Now is a great time to buy or sell real estate. Call or email me today a...
While showing a home recently something dawned on me.....this home is almost in mint condition ...technically speaking. Everything is spotless. Everything works as designed mechanically. There literally is a place for everything and everything is in its place. There was only one problem . The mat...
New home sales prices depend on a lot of factors, not the least of which is what a raw piece of land costs to purchase and then develop into lots you can actually market and sale.  From idea stage to the final product a complete and ready to build out subdivision, can literally take a couple of y...
The longer I am in the business the more I realize who I really can depend on to to their jobs and moreover who I can trust to perform their jobs with the utmost professionalism. This holds true for title companies. lawyers, inspectors, repairmen, vendors.......and yes...... fellow  Realtors. Rec...
What can you do when your ISP is down at home?Don't get mad. Wash Dishes. Clean House.  Pretend your camping out and relax and enjoy.  Call you SEO or clients.  But regardless, you can  still write blogs just the same, then save them in Word and then put them on the air when you get to the office...
If you are tired of living in a cramped home,  now is the time to buy! With some institutions offering rates below 5% on long term mortgages, and with some motivated sellers, this is a terrific time to make a move up to a little larger home that will give you the space you need. There is still ti...

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