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We have not bought or owned a vehicle made in another country since getting married 33 years ago. Am I proud of that. Yes because I still believe that the best products in the world were made here for years and still can be. What got me to thinking about this domestic product thing was what we ar...
In Texas,  Property Owner Associations ( POA's )  are required to provide certain information to property owners when requested. This information is usually obtained during the "option period" of most standard Texas promulgated earnest money contracts. The idea is simply to allow a prospective pu...
Yesterday was a quarterly event put on by the mayor's office in College Station...known as "Coffee With The Mayor."  This event is a short forum in which the mayor and his staff inform developers, Realtors, builders and the public about the general state of affairs in College Station. All those p...
I must confess I have found myself like many Americans right now sometimes wallowing in just a little bit too much self pity. Thinking about losses in the stock market, the future of our profession in this country, and the fact that things in general just are as sweet as they were for the past 10...
The 30th annual Home Garden and Recreational Expo is being held in the Brazos County Expo Complex on Saturday and Sunday Feb. 28th and March 1st. Put on by the Bryan College-Station Home Builders Association, this is a terrific place to spend a few weekend hours productively. Learn about everythi...
I didn't realize what was being built near where we live until a few days ago. I thought it was another oil or gas well being drilled and wondered why it was taking so long. Then suddenly this familiar structure started going up and began taking shape.. Apparently someone is putting up a water to...
Located in an older neighborhood near downtown Bryan, Texas ...Sam's Shoe Service has been repairing boots, shoes and other leather goods since 1950!   I can't count how many times over the years I have taken a pair of my shoes or boots to Sam's for repairs.  I had one pair of elephant hide boots...
Tonight I listened respectfully to our new President's first address to a joint session of Congress. I will say it was a forceful speech and that I listened intently. But much like his campaign speeches upon close scrutiny there was much hoop-la with only a smidgen of substance. Each day I become...
       This afternoon we were working in our vegetable garden. Only in Texas will you be found in your garden in February! After an hour or so my wife Khris asked me , if when I was working outside I thought about things. Actually I hadn't really been thinking of much until she mentioned it.  I l...

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