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When we purchased our little farm in 2001 one of the first items of business was to join the Producers Cooperative located in Bryan Texas on North Texas Ave. The " Co-OP "  was founded in as a way to save money on feed. Since then it has grown to become on...
Each year now for the last 4 years our home is visited in the summer by swallows. Now the first time they decided to set up home on my front porch I wasn't real happy. Then I found out they are protected and that they are tremendous insect eaters including mosquitoes as part of their diet. Last y...
They are almost complete with the overpass and exit ramp for Rockprairie Road in south College Station off of State Hwy 6. We are very excited about this because it is right in front of our office and the project has dragged on for a long time. It definitely will help with traffic issues at Rockp...
Both yesterday and today I checked our thermometer outside at home. It is in the shade and read 100 degrees yesterday and today at 7 PM !  Earlier this week we had a high pushing 107. I haven't checked to see about records but a feel this is one of the hottest Junes ever for this part of Texas. O...
Any real estate agent that is involved in new home sales should seriously consider joining their local Home Builders Association. This is an excellent way to get to know and network with not only local home builders themselves,  but also with various associate trade members like..... flooring con...
  Copyright:   Milam F. "Trey" Thurmond, Broker, CRB, GRI. For all your real estate needs in Bryan-College Station , Texas .....including Residential, Land, Investments, and Property Management Services. Now is a great time to buy or sell real estate. Call or email me today and I will get right t...
Yep ... It  is that time of year again. With all the tomatoes and jalapenos in our garden I am having to stay up a little late to process everything. But nothing beats a good salsa. Mine is pretty basic Chop up a  2 gallon pot pf tomatoes with the skins on if you wish. Cook them down. Add as much...
Last night my wife and I attended the first night of  the annual Texas Reds Festival in historic downtown Bryan. The event is a celebration of wine and beef ...both important products of this area. Yep, wine.  In fact I was enamored by all the souvenir T shits and ball caps at the event.  My favo...
All of us need a spot to quietly go to and think things over .  At home we have tried to create several little quiet spaces outside where you can just escape for a few minutes from the world and reflect on either the day's or the weeks's events. You too should have your special spot. It doesn't h...
As market conditions, trends, and financing availiablity changes we have to adjust the way we do business. WE HAVE TO     "LEARN LIKE A FROG"     ..... This Little fellow has learned how to scrape out a living in the garden area by our dining room at home. The amazing thing however is that he has...

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