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A blog a day or so ago showed the mud street leading to the house where my husband grew up on the very fringe of Searcy Arkansas.  In the batch of pictures was this one also showing the street when looking East from the driveway of the Duncan house. I've never seen a more beautiful child than thi...
My husband says he grew up out in the country.  He says it was W-A-Y out in the country at the time he was a little boy.  I never believed him until I saw this picture.  This house was where he grew up.  It was bought by his parents when he was a wee one.  It had some land which was used to run c...
Searcy's historic houses get gone, seems like, overnight.  I drove by this one two times on my way to work yesterday.  The first time there was a dump truck in the yard.  The second time the screened porch on the East side was gone.  The house appears empty and the yard has been growing up.  It i...
Bob Collins, a blogging friend who remembers Searcy as he grew up, says lots of mom & pop corner grocery stores existed in Searcy at one time.  Most families had no car or one car and needed to walk to get supplies.  "But the advent of supermarkets with their greater selections and lower prices a...
Remember linoleum?  This house, built in 1927, still has a few original things about it, and I think the linoleum on this floor is one of them.  Note the wood floor also.  it appears to have been painted before the linoleum was placed over the wood.  Your grandparents, or in my case my parents, ...
Several houses in White County Arkansas have been built with steps like these pictured below. Each time I see a new set I wonder why a builder or a bricklayer would allow these to be built.  Studying the ones above make me think that they are actually harder to build.  They've had to split the br...
300 East Race, the location of this historic old home, is now owned by the city of Searcy Arkansas.  It was begun in 1858 by Benjamin Clayton Black as a two-room log cabin.  The home was remodeled and added to several times. The house has been owned by Dr. Porter Rodgers and his wife, Carol, sin...
I wrote a blog on May 8, 2008 and put in a photo of the world's largest house.  I got the information from a magazine and scanned the photograph.  It was an impressive house and an almost unbelievable one in size and expense.  I continue to get comments from time to time.  In fact, the last comme...
Yesterday's blog showing those tough looking Searcy Arkansas girls in short shorts walking the streets of Hot Springs got me a response from the boy's gang.  They must have been there at the same time and had their picture snapped by the roving photographer. And with boys, you know, there had to ...
The more I view this picture of girls from Searcy Arkansas walking down the street sometime in the 50's the more I feel as if they'd be tough cookies to handle.  They walk with determination.  They have every direction covered.  They have on socks and comfortable shoes so they could chase you do...

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