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We found a buyer for a property that had been referred to me.  I believe the agent found me on the internet and the listing was placed in my hand, sold within 2 months and we are all happy.When I am faced with the need to send a referral to a town where I know no one, I also go to the internet fo...
No, you don't "list" just in real estate!  You can also "list" items on ebay.  It is great fun.  Items that you think aren't worth anything can bring in pretty good dollars on ebay.I got email yesterday which I thought was phishing at first because there is quite a bit of fake email pretending to...
I drive past the construction of our newest grocery store each day on my way home.  We had this lovely commercial corner that I can remember dated back to farm land not many years ago.  It sold for big dollars to Harps Grocery, a name that I'd never heard of.The construction has been so fast!  Ev...
This is about the 4th blog about my love affair with my Treo 650 phone that does so much for me and that I loved more than my Treo 680 replacement.I got it back from California with Treo Tricks saying there was nothing wrong with it and not returning my battery so that I had to buy a new one.  I ...
 On 12/12/07 I wrote this second note about my problems with the Treo 650.  I wrote a glowing report last week about TreoTricks in California who repaired my Treo 650, which had a speaker problem that seems to be common to the 650.  I said he made it better than new and repaired a few glitches th...
In White County Arkansas we are in the midst of gas and oil exploration.  Natural gas has been found in the Fayetteville shale that is found here.  We have many many new people in town to help with the wells, the roads, the housing, etc.We also have people who own their home with perhaps 2 acre o...
When I show a house and the lights are all filled with those little curly compact fluorescent light bulbs that are supposed to last longer and consume less electricity, I just hate it.  They don't come on instantly and they don't put out enough light and the light is not least in ...
About my only luxury in life is going to my favorite full-service filling station, pulling up to the pumps and saying, "Fill er up, please," just like everyone did in the good old days.  My husband, the retired car dealer, says that there are only two of those stations left in Searcy AR and I nee...
I just had another request for a bpo from a relocation company inviting me to compete for the listing.  I get to visit with the sellers and plead my expertise as a listing agent and selling agent.  If I'm selected I get to give the relocation company a 35% referral fee.  I also get to deduct that...
I went to two closes last year where the spouse was left off the mortgage.  We sat there and the couple signed all the papers.  The spouses had to sign the mortgage giving up their dowrer rights but they were not held responsible for the loan by signing a note for the amount of money.Then the dee...

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