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  Searcy Arkansas has one of the oldest theaters in Arkansas.  It was built in approximately 1923 and still flashes its Neon sign as busy Race Street passes within a few feet of its ticket window. The theater building is owned by the city of Searcy as it was donated to the city by a prominent fam...
  What a treat to put up this old picture.  These two ladies worked at a bank in Searcy Arkansas and there was a contest to name the bank.  Reportedly the one on the right won the contest with the name Security Bank.  This lady also is the mother of Anita, who comments on my blogs and gives us ad...
  I blogged a few weeks ago about the vicious tornado that killed so many people in Judsonia Arkansas and left fear in the hearts of all survivors.  I had to go to Judsonia this week and because of blogging interest decided to drive by and see the mansion that survived the tornado.  I'm posting t...
I'm not sure who thinks these meme's through but Gary Woltal tagged me.  They are sorta stressful because they make you think about yourself and when I do that I come away wishing I hadn't!  But here goes. I am - optimistic even though the first paragraph didn't sound like I am. I think - a lot m...
It seems easier somehow to find an REO house already empty.  You can call the locksmith, change the locks and proceed trying to get it ready to market.  I found one the other day, the locksmith came quickly and secured it. Back in my office while giving me the bill, he kept scratching.  He had pi...
Comparing the old with the new in Searcy AR, White County, is interesting.  Here's another shot of yesteryear vs. today. In the old photo, the old Security Bank is on the left and the building in the background is Lee Biggs old office building.  It still is, as a matter-of-fact.  But the upstairs...
  Some of you have said you like my old photos and I'm glad.  Some have said to give us the present to compare with the old.  I am doing that today.  First Security Bank used to look like the picture below.  It was added on and covered over many times during the years.  Now it is being restored t...
Years ago the ice-man came to your house.  He'd have blocks of ice on a wagon or some vehicle and he'd lift those blocks into your refrigerator (ice box)  which had a place for ice storage.  You could buy probably 25, 50 or 100 lb. chunks. (Correct me if I'm wrong, Anita or Don.) Here'a a pictur...
Last year I had communication from someone who wanted to move from Baltimore to the country.  They decided to look at Searcy after doing extensive searches on the internet. First trip they just looked around and went back to place their house on the market. Then they came back with the intent to...
On my way to work, I thought I saw birds on the power line.  Look again!  Not birds.  Shoes!  Two pairs of shoes wrapped around the power line.  Little brat kids have been throwing shoes up in the air! BUT THEN....BUT THEN....I started thinkin'.....little brat kids playing outside!!  HOORAY!! Th...

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