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Jennifer Davis works with me.  She has been working in real estate for about three years and actually blogs on activerain.  The first time I had a transaction with her we went to closing after she'd been a really cooperative listing agent.  At closing I found out the commission on the house I'd s...
Don't you who get out in the country from time become nostalgic when you drive by a dilapidated old home place?  It will have large trees, outbuildings, animal pens, garden spot, but probably no chicken pen because the chickens roamed free and left nice droppings all over the yard for little kids...
 It is Saturday.I answer the phone.Robotic voice says, "This is ___________.  Am I speaking to Mr. Duncan?"I say, "No."Voice says, "Is Mr. Duncan available?"I say, "Yes."Voice says, "I will hold until I hear ‘hello'."Mr. Duncan says, "Hello".Robotic voice says, "Mr. Duncan, this is _________.  Do...
I don't like forwarding email that is sent to me urging me to send it on to so many people and I may get money from Bill Gates, or that I will have good fortune within 24 hours, or that the prayer chain will go around the world, or my gas price will drop, or any other thing that is sure to happen...
Our town had a little excitement Monday afternoon as one of our branch banks called in to report they'd been robbed.  We have gained a LOT of branch banks in Searcy and some are in quiet areas where a robber would likely not be seen except by the bank employees.  The robber had his head pretty we...
This has happened more than once and it is always upsetting. You have worked with buyers and the buyers usually buy with a simple bank loan.  You know what that is.  They go to their banker who makes car loans or smaller loans of any type.  That banker does NOT make 30 year fixed rate mortgages. ...
FORECLOSURES People seem to be infatuated with foreclosures right now.  They think they are going to get huge discounts.  I've been dealing with them for several years now and my experience has been the following.Don't bid at the public auction.  After the auction, the property will be listed wit...
SOLD My favorite home inspectors are Charlie, Steven and Ray.  They know everything about houses and make you feel that your house is probably full of bugs or mold or squirrels or mice or mud.  They send you to the attic to check for all kinds of things.  To them I'm sending this photo and lettin...
Being fluent in Spanish should be such an asset in our business.  If I could speak Spanish I'm sure I could gain the confidence of our wonderful Hispanic families in Searcy Arkansas and White County Arkansas.Recently I had this little country foreclosure to sell.  It needed to be finished.  A you...
We continually complain on activerain about the bad photos submitted to our MLS and how these photos do a very bad job of representing the seller's property.I hesitate showing photos that someone might recognize as their home and become offended.  But these two that I found are probably not recog...

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