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Looking through an old Historical Society book I found this house and just knew where it was located.  The nice curved porch support was unique.  So I decided to do a before and after shot.I drove by the house here just knowing I'd located the right house.  I snapped my photo and hurried back to...
When I go to Beebe Arkansas, a city about 19 miles from Searcy, and drive down their old Main Street, I admire the old look of the town.  It could actually be used for an old movie because it looks so authentic. This old building reminds me of one of my favorite buildings in Searcy Arkansas.  Che...
This picture was posted on Facebook on Main Street Searcy's page.  I showed it to my husband who grew up in Searcy and he didn't remember it.  I'm putting it out there for folks who read this blog to see if they remember it and tell us where it was. It is certainly a very clear and lovely picture...
I ran this ad because I was so impressed with one family's help in giving support to the children in their house search.  Grandparents had to advance the earnest money for the children but got it all back minus 94 cents.  The children got into a great house for 94 cents and will now get an $8000 ...
As I drive by this house very often I usually notice the roof again.  It appears to be in terrible shape.  In fact, you can see a roof under the roof and there may even be another one under that one. There is also a TV antennae probably left over from the 50's.  There is also asbestos siding whic...
We wrote a blog yesterday with pictures of the Searcy Arkansas band members traveling, having fun and hopefully not getting into any mischief.  Summer rolled around and it became time to cool off so more pictures were taken.  Our photographer from the past, Paula, now shares these pictures.  She ...
My friend Paula shares these pictures of some of the band members from old Searcy Arkansas on trips to outings.  She took these in the 50's and they are fascinating today.  We see in these photos the way they dressed then, the activities they participated in and their love of life.  They seemed t...
My blog yesterday asked about whether this listed house was half a house.  Here's my proof.   The two houses are beside each other but face different streets.  Note on the blue house the old type windows that are the same as the white house.  You can also see the rock foundation in this picture. ...
This delightful house on a close-to-town street in Searcy Arkansas is for sale.  It's a charmer.  It was built in 1876 and has been well maintained since then.  It was an antique store for a few years. Rumors, however, have always floated around that it is half a house.  That is not a derogatory ...
All of the above is true for once.  This is not advertising puffery!  It is truly one of a kind.  It is going rapidly even as we speak.  BUT with temperatures below freezing here it may be around for a few more days. I must admit that I've never even seen an igloo before.  Or an ice house.  Or a ...

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