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Today Searcy Arkansas hosted Dick Betts again.  Dick Betts is an expert in technology and concentrates on smart phones.  I felt as if I was behind the times in this class because I still have a Treo 680 and most of the class waved their iphones around like smarty-pants.  (That's what we used to c...
  One thing about a blog is that it stays out there in internet land for a long long time.  We may forget it but someone else is finding it and finding it interesting.  Such is the case with my Beebe Arkansas depot blog.  I just received this inquiry. Dear Barbara, I just recently purchased an ol...
Anyone out there remember the old Burger Barn in Searcy Arkansas?  Here's the picture from an old yearbook. The amazing thing about old pictures of Searcy Arkansas is that they didn't have to give an exact address for the advertised business.  Everyone just knew where it was.  Therefore, the exac...
My car says it is 104 degrees outside!  My car says it is 99 degrees outside! My friend says we're having August weather right now in June.  No one argues that it is not HOT, HOT, HOT in our neck of the woods. So driving by these two houses in Searcy Arkansas reminds me that when they were built ...
The newspaper had pictures on January 16, 1976 showing the White House Cafe being demolished.  Wright Landscaping Service dozers are waiting here to tear into the building.  Wright Landscaping became Johnny Brock Landscaping when it was sold to Johnny Brock.  A short time later we see this pictur...
This 1974 picture shows a little cottage on one of Searcy's older streets. It has been purchased and is being fixed up!  The owners came to Searcy, fell in love with the house and are starting the restoration. They invited me over to see what they've started.  They even gave me permission to put ...
I've said before that you never know what you'll find when you get assigned an REO to go check out, change the locks and prepare for selling. This week I found this guy.  He was staring at me through the woods and I practically let out the words used in the title of this blog.  He looks as if he'...
The builder of this house spared no expense while constructing it.  The best of everything was put in.  The best of tile was selected and securely placed on both the front and back porches. They forgot something, however.  When it rains the tile gets wet.  In the mornings dew is heavy and can als...
Anita responds to my blogs a lot and takes a lot of teasing without getting angry.  So I feel that it is time to brag on beautiful daughter, Karen Fuller, originally from Arkansas and now working in Kansas City. Karen inherited all the great qualities from her mom and dad and became beloved in Ar...
Don't you love drive bys when you have to do a double take because of something new? I do. And I did. Driving down East Race Street in Searcy Arkansas I had to look twice because construction of a new kind was going on at the 301 E Race location.  It looked Hispanic or Adobe or something entirely...

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