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I repeat, you never know what you will find at an REO property.  Look what I found at the last one I visited. It might have been Nutsy Wallenda, my little godson from Bellingham Washington, finally arrived in Arkansas for a visit.  He wasn't afraid of me and posed nicely for this picture.  You kn...
Would you look at the tires on this contraption.  Can you imagine being run over by that thing?  It looks like something from a futuristic movie.... and with a line of these going across the country, it would wipe out everything. The cute kid is an activerain reader and supplied this photo saying...
Our landline rings.  Husband answers and they ask for Barbara Duncan.  I pick it up.  "Is this Barbara Duncan?  I am calling to collect an unpaid debt.  I need to tell you that anything you say can be used against you." I listen to see what else she has to say.  Then I ask her very politely, "Wel...
Ahhh, this is the old Rendezvous that you may have loved.  It is located on Main Street in Searcy Arkansas and many civic meetings, weddings, parties, and family meals were held in this building.  Memories are wonderful.  It was also a bus stop.  This wonderful picture of the bus stopping at the...
In an attempt to relive some of Searcy Arkansas's history we've been running pictures of  some old houses.  This is another one for my Searcy readers to think about and see if they remember it.  Where was it?  What is there now?  And if you want to name the person in the picture you can do that ...
I'm putting this picture on my blog with no memory of where I got it.  It makes me think of the Great Depression and the work that was done during the 30's and very early 40's by the WPA and the CCC.  I put up a blog a few months ago regarding a relative's discharge papers from the Civilian Cons...
This postcard was run in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette by Steven Hanley, who has collected post cards for years and years and has a huge collection.  He runs one a day in the newspaper. This one has an explanation that at Armstrong Springs (not far from Searcy and only a memory now) in 1909 six ...
I was looking through dingy eyes! Dingy eyes and I didn't even know it.  My carpet looked dirty and it is almost new.  The kitchen floor definitely appeared dingy dirty.  Those white cabinet tops were no longer white but an ugly off-white which I hadn't intended when I bought them. Blue jeans?  T...
  Have you driven by and seen something like this? A good ole Southern country boy's reaction might be, "Why, them ain't nuthin' but hafatrees." In fact, I agree.  We find these half-trees a lot in the Searcy Arkansas area.  Entergy, the power company who services the area, sends out men in truck...
A few nights ago we had the familiar tornado warnings again.  Hubby told me I'd better turn off the computer.  I put on my tennis shoes in case I'm blown away and wake up in some dark field with glass and tin all around me.  We didn't get hit but Center Hill Arkansas did. Again!  This is I think ...

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