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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.



I have lived in my new old home for five and a half years now. When I moved, there were things I couldn't find. Some of those things have turned up, but most never did. Since that time I have lost things in my home that, like the socks that seem to disappear in the wash, are no where to be found....
I love the environment. Often I look at the world through my rear window and reflect on how very lucky I am to be in such a beautiful setting. Today is windy, and cold but nice. I think I will take a walk in the woods after doing my errands. It is a gift I can give myself and so why not? Clearing...
It's scary to hear that the National Guard has been dispatched.......just in case. There is a pause in activity now and my pups are out. Soon there will be more rain and with the fog, the snow is disappearing and visibility is very much diminished. I'm not going out and will find something at hom...
Sometimes the rain means a drab day. Today is certainly drab but transitions are good too. After a lot of snow and really cold weather the rain is serious today, and the snow is beginning to disappear. Time to turn down the heat and take the coats of the puppies. I want Mexican food today so mayb...
As a part of Lynn's challenge this month, we have been asked to highlight another member as in Debbie Reynold's Ringing and Singing Challenge of the past. For me this is an easy one. I have spoken to James on multiple occasions, and found him to be easy, funny and kind. That said he is also brigh...
A new day, a new week, a few errands and things to do. I love Monday's. Fresh  beginnings are exciting to me always. First I need to clean up some things from the weekend. A friend drove over a solar light I had and it was part of a set of ten. Not only don't I want another ten, I can't find them...
My best friend came up for dinner last night from New Jersey. We had a wonderful day together visiting, shopping and going to the best restaurant around. This morning she left early, and backing up she ran over one of my new solar lights purchased in March of last year. Stuff happens but these li...
Everyone is busy.....Have you heard that before? I suspect you have. There does come a time when in the course of the busy you may become burnt or rote or worse. This happens often when we are constantly going. In my own life I have found that sometimes the best thing I can do to recharge is simp...
I guess I don't understand when people are rude or loud or both. I had errands to do today and found people crazy everywhere. The person at the dry cleaner was frazzled and I was patient (which isn't my strong suit). There were a lot of people waiting and employees in the back but no one came for...
I am running around today to get errands done because tomorrow it will thaw and ice jamming is predicted. There is a big time alert here and after seeing scenes of major destruction in the area I am taking it seriously. Mother Nature doesn't mess around and better to be home if possible.

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