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Every time we disparage the state of the economy and talk about the terrible state of real estate, we create a self fulfilling prophesy. It is my view that if we are positive, then positive things will happen. There are great opportunities in the market and it is time to stress the positive, and put a bow on it.



I have been running around for the better part of a week with a broken toe. I have had little time to relax and recuperate. Now I am home and ready for some me time and I will take it and hope it makes a difference. The colors on my toe are changing today to purple. Maybe tomorrow it well be yell...
Yesterday I spent hours removing bags and bags of day lilies from the front of my home. I have a broken toe and boy it hurt. The bending and dragging my bags around really took its toll but it was forecast to be freezing today and it is. Am I still paying for my enthusiasm yesterday.....? You bet...
It has been a really long day and I am still busy. I had much to do and am operating on a broken toe. I spent the morning filling four large bags with the remnants of my day lilies from the front of my home.Today was the only day the weather was accommodating and I worked till I couldn't anymore....
It has been cold and raining where I live and I haven't been able to finish my part of the exterior fall clean up. I do stuff, annuals, perennials, hoses, rugs etc. My lawn guy will do the remainder of the leaves. On Sunday after working, I broke my toe. It hurt like hell and still does, although...
I think I broke my toe last night. It was painful and still is. I applied ice and then heat. I still have a cane from a former accident and I am using it, although I can walk without it now but steps are still hard. It is black and blue but no longer swollen. I know I should probably get it looke...
Some things never change and others evolve and are unrecognizable. That said I always come back to basics in business. People like to included in every aspect of the process and be informed as things move along. The ways in which we communicate may have changed by the responsibility for staying p...
I want to opt out of seeing the realities of our world. I want to opt out of the hatred I feel in the places I go. I want to opt out of our government and the officials starting at the top. I want to live in another time and another place where things were simpler and people were more genuine. It...
I really wanted to finish the fall clean up around my home, but not today. I often work in the rain but with big time winds it isn't happening this day. I am eager to be done but I did finish my rear yard so the front, which I'm guessing is about a 10 bag job will just have to wait till next week...
Yesterday was a tough day. I took my car in early and after a couple of hours, I learned I had a manifold problem of some sort. They didn't have time to remove it and couldn't keep the car inside overnight. It was really frustrating and I was beyond bummed.I picked up some prescription food for B...
I have an 8 AM appointment this morning. My check engine light came on in my car. It seems fine but I am sure there is something and better to get it done before the snow. Hopefully I can wait and it won't be a huge amount of money but I can't control that so I will just go with the flow. Maybe I...

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