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One of the big buzzwords right now is "down market".  You hear it a lot along with "slow market" and "downturn in the market" and "market correction" when it comes to discussing real estate. One thing to always remember about the real estate market is that the idea of a national real estate marke...
I read a blog yesterday that encouraged people to go low when they go in for a short sale. I took exception to that notion.  The idea was that the sellers just want out and the banks will counter anything you submit anyway.  It doesn't really work like that.  The banks are OVER BOOKED with forecl...
Hey Best Buy, I'm not coming back! EVER! Ok, now I feel better. So here is how I came to need to shout that out! 71 days ago, I purchased a small LCD HD TV from BEST BUY.  It wasn't particularly expensive but it was my birthday present from my wife!  It was a neat little TV.  The brand was INSIGN...
During our team staff meeting this morning, one of the items we covered was listings in the Houston MLS that have EXPIRED.  That means that for some reason, the market did not purchase the home during it's normal contract period with the listing agent. Sometimes, it's quite easy to see WHY a home...

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