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Ron Tarvin's Katy Agent Team is proud to announce that we earned the distinction of TOP SELLING AGENT OF THE MONTH for the month of May 2008! A big thanks to all of our clients who helped make this possible as well as thanks to all the agents we were lucky enough to co-broke with and the builders...
I'm sure George would have had something very witty to say about the title of my post and the many headlines stating that he had "passed away".  At the age of 71 and having just completed yet another HBO special, George "checked out" due to heart failure. While the language he used in much of his...
Well, it finally happened.  I finally got GAS SHOCK.  I've been saying that no matter what, we're all going to continue to consume gas and price is little deterrent to usage.  Now, I'm thinking that the key in all that is usage.  Personally, I love my truck.  I drive an Ford Expedition and I love...
Many agents, inspectors, mortgage people and lots of other business people have advertisements on their cars.  From magnetic signs to full auto wraps, you are a moving billboard! I'm reminded of the saying that "what you do speaks so loudly I can not hear what you are telling me you do".  What ar...
The Katy Real Estate market saw a return to a robust level.   There were 364 homes sold in the city of KATY between May 1st, 2008 and May 31,2008!  The homes sold ranged in value from $54,900 to $1,130,000.  Once again quite a spread on values! 226 of the properties sold in Katy in May were South...
Heavy favorite, BIG BROWN was beaten in his bid to win the third leg of the TRIPLE CROWN. 38-1 odds on Da Tara must have paid off big as Da Tara wins the Belmont Stakes and Big Brown pulled up and finished last.   Let's just hope no injuries are found out about this time!
So how many times does the builder throw in the washer, dryer, and fridge?  Did the anyone stop to think that NOTHING is free?  You ARE paying for that somewhere along the way.  So if you were to take that off the price of the house, would it be significant?  No, probably not.  But even if it was...
So I was thinking the other day as I saw a guy run a red light.  What would happen if I went after that guy to give him a ticket?  Sounds crazy, right?  Why wouldn't you do that?  Because it isn't legal.  It's vigilante.   So I've recently started to see another sort of vigilante running around t...

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