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It's finally all making sense to me! As a former scientist, trained in forensic chemistry, I should have seen this long ago.  I should have been able to SEE that the banks and world markets were headed for trouble and that at the very center of the problem would be the average home computer user....
Look, if we end up allowing congress to put this bailut package through, somebody has to pay the piper. You can't spend $750B and not have repercussions. I've always been a big fan of Dave Ramsey's theories on finance...not always easy to follow, but ultimately, if you can follow it, then yeah, i...
I'll make it up.  It's become the rallying cry of the underachiever. I was in Wal-Mart today (which by the way is starting to normalize a bit, at least here in Katy, after the passing of Ike) and I heard a father talking to his son about grades.  "aw Dad, I'll make it up" "well, you won't be play...
I've often heard it said that you can not control things around you but you CAN control the way you react to things around. Nothing could come closer to the truth than what we just went through with Hurricane Ike.  No way, no how could we influence Ike.  All we could do was respond to Ike. I'm no...
Hurricane Ike is gone and the clean up continues. The building where my wife works, the Nottingham Building, is still without power and since it also had water damage, it's becoming a bigger and bigger job to do the clean up on that building.  But other than that, most of the damage is starting t...
First of all, GOOD BYE IKE! What an incredible, scary storm! First of all, our prayers are with those parts of the Houston Metroplex that bore the brunt of the storm.  We do not yet know the extent of all the damage or possible loss of life.  There have been a few tragedies associated with IKE, b...
As Ike roared in and pretty much erased the Bolivar Pennisula from the Galveston landscape, rescue workers there are dealing with another problem. Fear of being EATEN! Appearantly there is (or was) an exotic pets store on the Bolivar Penn and one of the residents there was a tiger.  This tiger ha...
  There he is...straight from THE WEATHER CHANNEL. They are saying Category 2 or it might be a Category 3...I'm just wondering what the difference is in the impact if it barely stays a 2 or if it just barely becomes a 3.  Probably, the difference is very minimal if your weathering the storm! Thin...
RENT VS OWN PART II In the last blog entry we looked at the ups and downs of RENTING. In this post we'll look at Home Ownership.  Now right off the bat, as a real estate agent, it's assumed I think everyone should buy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Home ownership makes sense a lot of...
Rent VS Own  Part I Should I rent?  Does it make sense to OWN?  What are the upsides and downsides to each scenario? I hear these types of questions and discussions all the time.  Not just at work, but whenever anyone sees me out and about at a party or where ever.  The answer on whether someone ...

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