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I've decided to take the Real Estate Webmaster's Challenge after talking on the phone with Matthew from REW.   Now it's not like I had to be convinced that REW has a great product.  I have been knocking around REW's message boards for years.  I've often been asked, if money were no object, who sh...
Investing in the Houston market has become somewhat the "IN" thing to do it seems...   And why not.  My investors that I'm working with are getting into properties throughout Katy, Cypress and other parts of Houston that 1) have equity and thus a liquid position and 2) are generating a nice ROI o...
I had a funny experience the other day with a new client. When we met, they asked me if my nickname was "EXIT STRATEGY".  LOL!   I thought how funny...but then it became clear to me WHY I was sitting here talking to this particular client.  They had been referred to me from another home buyer tha...
I always like to give the KUDOS out when they are warranted and I have to say that I've been totally impressed with my dealings with BUILDASIGN!   High quality signs, great price and when an error was made, they jumped through hoops to get it made right! Isn't that what we all really want when i...
The last few days have been hectic. I've been working with a few new clients that are either buying or looking to rent a home and scheduling can sometimes be a challenge...   where are you going to be at a particular point in time so that you don't inconvenience a seller/landlord anymore than yo...
So there are only two teams left vying for the coveted LOMBARDI TROPHY.   Last week there were four teams...this week it's two.  The games last week were VERY good.  Very competitve.  The NFC Championship came down to really two mistakes made by one young player.  Kyle Williams.  Not many know t...
Random Thoughts...and in no particular order.   1.  Why the push for all the auto leases lately?  According to one Lexus salesman I talked to it's because the car dealers have figured out they can lease you a car, charge you a nice chunk up front, charge you a nice chunk on the back end and still...
How is the rental market in the Houston area?   I'm hearing a lot of questions about the market in the area lately.  One in particular is how the rental market is doing in our area. I pulled some simple stats from the HOUSTON MLS for KATY TEXAS just to see what was going on and found that the nu...
Seven Meadows, Katy Texas   Located in the 77494 zip code, just off of the CINCO RANCH area of Katy is the Seven Meadows subdivision.   Seven Meadows has been building since since 2002.  Currently homes are available in the Seven Meadows subdivision that run from about $180,000 to around $960,00...
Many people come to Katy and invariably, I always hear "what about Cinco Ranch"?It's pretty tough to keep Cinco Ranch a secret, not that anyone would want to, but it's been growing and developing for over 20 years now.   Having started with 5,000 acres back in 1984 and having grown within the la...

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