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    When you list homes and work with buyers the opportunity on occasion will present itself, both sides of the transaction.  Such is the case for me, I have a home listed and received a sign call that developed into an interested buyer.  What a fantastic opportunity but one that needed to be tre...
A question I get at least once a week.  A huge pat on the back for thinking in terms of adjustments and not a price per foot.  To properly answer this question I would need to ask additional questions. What price range home? Describe the pool, is it a gunite, diving, play pool, have a spa? Age of...
    A first for me, I lost one of my subscribers over the weekend.  This made me contemplate the process of why one subscribes to a blog and what may cause one to unsubscribe.  Subscribers to blogs are generally attracted by posts from our ActiveRain members that: Strike an interest in topic matt...
  You have dreams, goals and know you are ready to make a positive move.  Need to take that next step and move up a level in your business as you feel stagnate, stuck, even bored?  Imagination and reality can indeed compliment each other in our business.  First you need to form your vision and th...
    FLEXIBILITY... in our business this is an absolute.  The ability to adapt, re-arrange our schedule, to keep on moving after interruptions, disappointments.  Momentum, what drives our success, gives us energy to succeed, gives us market presence, elevates us to reach our goals. INTERRUPTIONS ....
    We all have a choice of how our day will take form.  At times we do not have control on some unpleasant events that takes place or news we receive.  We do have control on how we react and interact with others.  How you emotionally take control is a true statement to your character.  Sunshine ...
    Realtors interface in the real estate business on a daily bases.  The process of selling a home, contracts, mortgage responsibilities, etc. should be second nature to us.  Like the horse out for a ride and as you get close to the stable it kicks into automatic and heads home.  An agent in my ...
    How is it that some agents just stand out among the rest?  They are top producers, well known, attract business like a magnet?  At a glance they are strikingly visible. Give yourself this edge by resurfacing yourself and your business. Image - A distinct identifiable trait in your business - ...
    We have been trying to catch some elusive squirrels who have decided our attic is the "hang out" spot to set up house and of course throw parties at night.  Wonder why the squirrels have not fallen for our trapping attempts?  Setting oneself up for failure is an unfortunate but common theme i...
                                   I got the phone call, the one we love to get ... a builder had three homes that he wanted to list and he wanted to visit with me.  He had tried selling the properties himself and because of my visibility in the area wanted to talk with me.  All homes were locate...

Connie Goodrich

CRS ABR (McKinney Realtor)Texas
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