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700 Bluffwood Avenue, McKinney, TX Woodhaven, Stonebridge Ranch $360,000 MLS #11622566     Absolutely incredible finishes from beam ceilings to beautiful fluted trimwork, this Stonebridge Ranch gorgeous home is a standout.  Located on a lushly styled landscaped corner lot, this home offers a beau...
10300 Belfort Drive, Frisco, Texas Hillcrest Estates $188,500 MLS #11628143   Exceptional location in Frisco, the fastest growing city in the United States.  Minutes from several retail centers, lots of restaurant choices, freeways and highly rated Frisco ISD schools.  This is a wonderful floor p...
    There is one way to beat the heat ... no I'm not doing a post to rub in the fact that our Dallas Mavericks took the NBA Title.  Each morning my husband Jim takes our Black Lab, Bear (a female .. my husband named her and I thought it sounded like a boy name but I digress) for a job.  We live i...
    Attention Walmart shoppers, today in aisle 4, the home product section, we have our featured home on special today.  Like all of our homes, we have all our homes with a discount priced special value and we do price match for satisfaction. There are many strategies regarding how to price posit...
A few posts back I had made a promise that I was going to just put my foot down and enjoy some time for family and relaxation.  Keeping true to my promise, I said NO to 3 different clients who wanted my day for varied real estate related business.  All understood and even said enjoy your time wit...
1300 Silverlake, Stonebridge Ranch, McKinney, Texas - Newport Village - List Price $625,000 MLS #11569914 - 4 Bedrooms, Study, 3 Car Garage, 3 Living Areas, Gorgeous Pool & Spa Located on .523 Acre Lot with Gorgeous Small Lake & Fountain View      Stonebridge Ranch exquisite custom Billings built...
Sellers scurry to pack and take care of negotiated repairs.  Buyers are busy packing and finishing up last minute mortgage details.  The end of a transaction nears. As a buyer's representative, it becomes hectic also towards the last days of a transaction.  Many critical time frame dates to make...
  We are about to approach one of the most painful parts of the purchase transaction ... the home inspection and Amendment to the Contract for repairs. This hurdle is not only one of emotion for the sellers and buyers but is also one of the lawyers' personal favorites for legal battles. It begins...
  Break out the milk because is it the cookie invasion time.  The time of year that I cave to my weakness and buy, buy from those Girl Scouts.  Those gosh darn and I blame my spring 5 pound gain to Girl Scouts! We are bombarded at the front of the grocery store & movie rental entrances.  Tables o...
  The letter that a buyer's agent provides with an offer to demonstrate to the seller that they are well qualified for the property.  The handhold that the seller relies upon to give insight as to the buyer's qualification and first impression concerning the offer and financial strength they brin...

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