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  Many Realtors when determining the value of a property utilize the Average Cost per Square Foot Method.  Simple enough.  You pull up the neighborhood on MLS, pull the sales for the last six months or so.  Do the math to determine what the average price per foot for the sales comes to then you ...
      When you celebrate a canceled showing appointment on one of your listings, this is one clue that you just need a little R & R.  I found myself doing the little happy dance as I opened an early morning email to find that my afternoon schedule has just opened up, time back to me. How do you k...
3413 June Drive, McKinney, Texas - $209,500 Crescent Ridge/Ridge Road Estates - West McKinney Area - Frisco ISD! 3 Bedroom/Study/2 Bath/DR/LR/2 Car Garage - 2,125 SF MLS #11659251   One of those fun listings that is a pure pleasure to represent!  So many outstanding gorgeous finishes for an excep...
    WOW ... Huge Yard and Beautifully Updated Home - Just Listed 5012 Grampian Way, McKinney, Texas MLS#11655548 - Dallas Area   Located in the popular Villages of Lake Forest subdivision on the central western side of McKinney, this home has location, location, location appeal.  McKinney Boyd Hi...
  I heard it again yesterday from a potential seller - Appraisers are just suppressing our home values!  The word has finally reached the more informed public, there are challenges in selling the home and now the blame is being aimed at the appraisers. The thought of appraisers can bring a chill...

        Action speak louder than words.  A foundation for our business - Don't just talk a good talk but actually emply what comes out of your mouth into motion. We continually get bombarded with the list of Don't do or things to avoid.  To be into positive thinking avoid the Don't Do to just Do....
  First impressions are important, not only in how a home looks but how you as a professional present yourself.  It begins with prompt and informative communication with agents. Then judgment day arrives when an offer is submitted.  This judgment is not rendered on the offer price but to how well...
                                                   We have all been there, showing a home and then then a pause and in full glory for all to view is the object that will now take the focus away from the home. Such was the case when I was out with a client.  A refrigerator magnet reading "I give t...
  Thanks to HVCC requirements we now have this box that the appraisal report must neatly fit.  No out of the box thinking allowed, it MUST conform all into a tidy package, no rough edges sticking out, no room for a little fluff on top.  Just a plain vanilla box sealed to perfection. Enter Real Wo...
  So what do you do when you have a unique property or a home that is located in an area where there has been no sales, or very limited ones that have taken place?   Playing ostrich with your head buried in the sand and pretending you don't see the problem or better yet it will simply disappear w...

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