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A blog about the current happenings on the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.  What's new, where we're going, updates and more...



Roberta Murphy mentioned in a blog post this morning that she just noticed a new control at the bottom of each blog post (when logged in) titled "Rate this blog".It's not actually new, it's been there all along, we just renamed it from "Do you find this post interesting?"  It gives us another way...
Ok, so we tried it and we heard from you, a lot.  We tried going to a system of manually scoring every blog post in an attempt to stop to people posting garbage for points, and to control spam.  It actually seemed to work fairly well in that respect, but it opened up a pandora's box of other prob...
Ben wrote earlier today about a number of new updates. There are a more to come of course but today I feel it's most important to talk about the new ability to group to group your ActiveRain Contacts.  As this Network grows it will help you to be able to discern your closer associates. Now you ca...
A couple days ago, Jim Cronin the blogger behind the Real Estate Tomato made a post outlining a blog carnival of sorts he is running for ActiveRain members only.  The basic idea is that he wants ActiveRain members to write an article about successes they've had through blogging and he'll highligh...
During the last week or two I had been very glad to see a couple fairly established real estate bloggers such as Jim Cronin (Real Estate Tomato), Joel Burslem (Future of Real Estate Marketing), Greg Swann (BloodHound Blog) beginning to post on the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.  This morning due...
The ActiveRain Real Estate Community is growing quickly. Many of you have taken to it right away, making it a part of your regular professional resource kit. For some of you this community has become an extension of the working world you have off-line. Financially and professionally rewarding rel...
Last week Jim Cronin of the Real Estate Tomato interviewed ActiveRain CEO, Matt Heaton.  The resulting of that write-up can now be found here on the Real Estate Tomato blog.  The interview was done as an informal phone conversation and Matt's responses to the questions were transcribed unedited, ...
We just added a new page to the ActiveRain Real Estate Network we are calling the "Blog Dashboard".  This page has links off to various views of blog postings on this site such as viewing the latest postings, or most interesting postings.  It also includes a list of featured blog entries and blog...
Inman News just published an article today on the ActiveRain Real Estate Network titled, "Real estate network elevates 'Net profiles".  It's a pretty good article and Matt Carter of Inman news interviewed quite a few members of this network in writing it.  In fact the article references several o...
We went ahead and added an addition profile type to the network, "Real Estate Media".  We thought it would be a good idea to get members of the real estate media involved with the network.  We're already seeing examples of where the commentary from our members is being picked up by more mainstrea...

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