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A blog about the current happenings on the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.  What's new, where we're going, updates and more...



It looks like ActiveRain just crossed a major milestone.  We just had our 10,000th activated profile on the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.  Andrea Ambrose referred the member number 10k and got a whole bunch of bonus points.  Thanks again to our members to continuing to make the ActiveRain Real ...
This morning we pushed up a beta for the groups functionality on ActiveRain.  It's still pretty rough but we like to just put stuff out there, so we can get feedback and quickly improve on it.  Please let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions.  A couples issues that will be resol...
Membership BonusAs we near the 10K mark we’re offering a 75 point bonus (Total points awarded will be 100.) for activated members that result directly from your inviting others.  This will be in effect for all activated profiles from now and up to Monday December 4th at noon Pacific Standard Time...
10,000 Coming soon.   The ActiveRain Real Estate Network has been in existence for just about six months now, and today we are quickly nearing the 10K mark for activated member profiles.  This represents nearly 10,000 individuals and companies from across the United States and Canada who are bene...
We are doing a large release of new features on very early Tuesday morning (4:00 am PST).  The main item in this release will be the beta launch of Groups on ActiveRain.  For several months it has become very clear that for ActiveRain to continue growing there needs to be a way for...
This is the third edition of the ActiveRain week in review where we'll highlight some of the most discussed topics and blog posts made during the last week.  You can find an archive of the past week in reviews here.  Feel free to repost the ActiveRain week in review on your non ActiveRain blog.  ...
Earlier this week I noted we'd be updating our hardware throughout the week. Tomorrow morning we will be updating our server to server you better (pun intended).  We’re adding ram to improve the responsiveness of The ActiveRain Real Estate Network.This means that the system will be going off-line...
Last week we did the first ActiveRain week in review to highlight particular events and posts during the previous week on ActiveRain.  I was so busy at the NAR conference I didn't have a chance to do one for this last week but I noticed that Bryant Tutas was kind enough to write one up.So check o...
This evening at 10:00 James and Ben will be taking the system offline to do some maintenance and to change our hardware.  As many of you know we had a major hardware failure earlier this week.  That failure resulted in some instability for The Network over this last week.  We have been working wi...
We're having some real performance problems.  We're working on getting the production database back up and we're running on a secondary server in the mean time, which isn't cutting it.  The Blog Dashboard was timing out (500 error) so I took it off-line until we can figure out how to fix this iss...

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