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A blog about the current happenings on the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.  What's new, where we're going, updates and more...



As time goes by it's amazing to see the friendships that develop, and are enhanced here on ActiveRain.  People that wouldn't know each other, or would only be in contact  rarely are able to keep in touch here on a daily basis.  I know for me personally I find it heartening just to observe the fri...
Many people trying to access ActiveRain today were greeted with an message saying the site was down and that we had experienced a hardware failure.  We're back up now, but here is what happened...Early this morning I was woken up by our hosting provider down in Texas.  I was informed that multipl...
Thanks to Teri Isner for helping organize.  We are going to have an informal meeting of ActiveRain members down at the NAR conference in New Orleans.  This will give us a chance to actually meet in person instead of simply via the Internet.  All of break out sessions on Saturday start at 9:00, so...
Let's have a party!An on-line party that is. Charles Richey suggested this and it looks like many of you agree.  We're holding a costume contest right here on this post.  We're looking for the best Halloween Costumes in The ActiveRain Community.  Let's see those photo's folks.  Matt and I will be...
Comment AlertsThanks to Gena Riede's awesome patience and persistence, we've uncovered and fixed a bug that was preventing some of you from being notified of comment and blog updates.  It seems that whether or not you had the box checked to be emailed these updates they weren't being sent.  This ...
For some time now ActiveRain has been working toward bettering your experience on The Network and helping you connect with each other.  Through your suggestions we have made a very large list of updates and changes.  We continually work on this and as we see it this is a never ending process.Help...
To kick off our categories launch the current blog topic is about where we live.I remember that when we first launched blogging tools I would read other member's posts on their cities.  The things they loved, the popular things, they included beautiful descriptions and cities.  One I really loved...
Here's a description of the various categories blog posts can be put assist others in finding them.  There is no requirement to add a post to a category, or sub category.  If you don't feel you post fits in one of the categories don't add it, people can still view your post.  Many posts may fit i...
About 3:00 am PST the proposed blog category changes went into effect.  Instead of the previous 5 categories there are two main categories, "For Real Estate Professionals" and "For Consumers" each with a set of sub categories.  This new category system is to help people efficiently find the posts...
So we've gotten several questions about what were up to, to help promote the ActiveRain Real Estate Network at the big NAR conference in New Orleans.  We'll here it is, or at least one of the things :)  We've designed personalized "referral cards" for our members.  It's essentially a stylish busi...

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