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A blog about the current happenings on the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.  What's new, where we're going, updates and more...



Yes, I've been pretty quiet on ActiveRain as of late, but that's a good thing.  It means I'm focusing more attention "behind the scenes" on improving ActiveRain's future.  I did notice that both and hit traffic milestones had it's first day wit...
We FINALLY added a spell checker to the editor.  Really sorry about the very, very, very long wait.  To use the spell checker just click the ABC check mark box on the right side of the editor tool bar.  It will then underline spelling mistakes with red-squiggles... just click on the words to see ...
Again, if you don't know about Localism our consumer portal which is under development you can read more here.  As promised we are pushing new features every couple days to get us to an official launch in a few months.  This morning we released an update allowing members to add communities/neighb...
We are please to announce that Jonathan Washburn, one the original founders of ActiveRain has returned to a full-time position with the company.  A little over a year and a half ago, long before the ActiveRain Real Estate Network was launched, Jon left to focus on his other real estate ventures i...
True to its name, Localism is about location and it's about consumers. To post to localism you've got to include both types of designation. Write out your post. When you're done be sure to categorize it correctly. Be sure to mark the post visibility as public. Check the box "For Consumers." The b...
Just a heads up to ActiveRain members, there will be a whole bunch of site updates coming on Tuesday morning.  Many of these updates are based on member feedback over the previous two weeks.  Here's a bullet list of some of the updates, there will be more details Tuesday morning.Members will auto...
In early Dec. I put up a post highlighting some of the top contributors the ActiveRain Real Estate Network, Top member referrers in november.  I thought I do a followup post to highlight the top referrers in December and also some of the other top contributors towards building Localism.  Right no...
We received a bunch of suggestions about being able to change the blog entry post date.  While you still can't change it (because that would lead to people placing their blog post a the top over and over again) we did make a change making Draft mode be more usable.When you first create a blog ent...
I used to occasionally put up a post about the growth in traffic to ActiveRain, but I haven't done so in a few months.  Just been way too busy.  But after seeing what is happening the last couple days I thought I had to share.Yesterday alone, had a record of 8,834 unique visitors, ...
Some of you (ok, many of you) already noticed some changes to the Blog Dashboard this morning and have noticed some changes to how blog posts are scored recently.  This is all part of our continuous evolution to try to keep things fair to members, both new and old.  Handing out points is our way ...

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