Mesa Park (Round Rock, TX)
By Mike Sparks, Galveston Island Real Estate
(The House Company Galveston Texas)
An important role I play with my clients is Counselor.  Specifically, to assess the home and tell the seller honestly what it takes to get the house sold.  Whiz bang marketing and all the internet exposure in the world isn't going to help if the house is a nightmare.  I was called in to do a market analysis on a home that I had previously sold and had been used (and abused) as a rental.  It was in bad shape.  The tenants had lived there 5 years and really trashed the interior.  I told the seller, no way was I going to market the house in that condition, if he wanted top dollar (and he did) he was going to have to re do the interior and compete with newer homes.  His advantage was this home was in a good neighborhood and had a very large wooded lot perfect for someone with a boat or rv o...
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