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  While I was attending the NAR Conference in San Diego last week I really noticed all the booths that were selling information on short sales to Realtors.  What I have recently found out just confuses me more.  When I asked several branch managers about how a short sale will effect the sellers c...
First thing I want to disclose that I do have an interest in a mortgage lending business.  The things I have seen in the last 7-10 years have gone from totally ridiculous to totally ridiculous even more.  Due to the greed on Wall Street at one time they gave loans to anyone who could frost a mirr...
As for the article by Mr. Mckenzie I taltally do agree that we as Realtor do need to be held to a higher level. The lack of professionalism I am seeing is not what I expect from a Realtor. I will blog later.
 As for the time line of this  mess started with the death of AIG and Lehman on Sept. 15, and now the global credit market just shut down. No one could borrow money even if they were credit worthy and had good assets. Now 7 weeks later we are starting to see some light. The treasury has stumbled ...
With all the doom and gloom we are seeing in the real estate and mortgage world today, it is time for us to do something good for someone. It will help us to not ponder on all the bad things, and start feeling good about somethings. The Realtors from Williamson Country, Texas are hard at work doi...
Why should a person who has good credit and plenty of income not get 100% financing on a home that they are going to live in. It is not like they are just going to walk off. With good job history, credit worthiness, and sufficient income, This is a no brain er. Why should this individual be punis...
Having been in the real estate industry for close to twenty years I have seen many ups and downs in this business. One thing I can say that has worked is real estate investments. My Father bought his 1st home for $1500. and put it on some land that cost him $150. per acre. He probably spent anoth...
I think the answer to this is do something. Our country is in a tailspin economically, so when you are in a catastrophic situation do anything to try to pull yourself out. We must act quickly and do all we can. But we cannot give golden parachuteses to all the executives that have pulled us down....
For many years, the President and his administration have not only warned of the systemic consequences of financial turmoil at a housing government-sponsored enterprise (GSE), but also put forward thoughtful plans to reduce the risk that either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac would encounter such diff...
Investing in real estate is a long term commitment. This was not understood by the many investor wanna bes that we saw in the last several years. The idea of buying and flipping in a year or two was never realistic in the Texas market. In some areas this worked, if you were lucky enough to get ou...

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