I thought this was very good information from the irs... First-Time Homebuyer Credit: Scenarios   S1. If a single person (Taxpayer A) qualifies as a first-time homebuyer at the time he/she purchases a home with someone (Taxpayer B) that is not a first-time homebuyer and then later that year they ...
KXAN came by our office yesterday to interview our manager about a new way to sell homes "House Swapping".  This particle home is located in Hutto at Lookout at Brushy Creek in Hutto.  I would love to get some insight from anyon...
Yesterday at our sales meeting we had a CPA come in to talk about the rules and stipulations for the tax credit.  Here were some of the questions.  One of the questions we were debating is if one of the spouses has never owned a home before can they qualify?  Another one of the questions was how ...
Hey!  I have had more calls and showed more homes since this last Weds, than in the entire  last month.  People trying to lease and purchase homes.  Has anyone noticed any change in the last week?
Okay, so the election is over finally!!!  What is going to happen with the economy now?  Will people feel more inclined to spend money and stop the vicious cycle of our economic position?  Obviously some people have lost jobs or income, but for many people not much has changed in their economic ...
Today I went to a Mortgage seminar where they talked about some of the new loans being used. USDA is not a new program, but has not been used that much, being that it is an agriculture loan.  The great thing about this loan is that you can use it in some of the Suburb areas like Pflugerville,Hutt...
Hi, What do you do when someone contacts you and wants to see a listing. After you go through the whole drill are you preapproved, when do you want to meet all of that.  Then they say oh yes, I am pre-approved and I have a realtor? What would you do?
HI,I just want to get an opinion.  I am more a buyers agent, the last two transactions I have had the sellers agents are wanting to use their title company, does any one have an opinion?
Hi,Does anyone know how or where to find out if a home is in a flood area?  Per the tax records and the sellers disclosure it is not.  But my client who live in Seattle want to make sure all the research possible is done. I have contacted the listing agent and Farmers to see if they have any know...

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