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By Keenan Tameling
(Libertas Holding Inc.)
I have started to hear the buzz that the growth we have had can't sustain itself and the market is going to crash!  I recently had a conversation with a guy selling his acreage because he felt Kyoto was going kill our economy.  I didn't want to get into it with him and nothing was negotiable so I just said good bye.  So is Kyoto going to kill the Alberta economy?  Let's look macro-economic picture:  The global economy is doing well.  China and India are growing nicely Demand for energy is out pacing supplyCanada is largest trading partner with wealthiest nation in the world, USAMicro-economic picture:We are experiencing the largest human migration in Canadian historyJobs, jobs, jobs-help wanted signs are everywhereAlberta: Calgary and Edmonton number 1 & 2 highest growth cities in Canad...
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