Clareview Campus (Edmonton, AB)
Clareview Campus Edmonton Real Estate The Clareview Campus Edmonton real estate market for apartment style condos has followed the Edmonton market on a sold price per square foot basis.  Somebody asked what neighbourhoods near the LRT startion have done recently.  Clareview Campus is on the Northeast end of the LRT line. Clareview Campus went up more than the Edmonton market average when it reached it's peak of 11.7% higher than the first quarter of 2009..  This is in contrast to the Edmonton market which only went up 5.8% at it's peak.  But, when the market came back down, the Clareview Campus apartment style units slid further down, they were 3% off of what they started at in the 1st quarter of 2009.  The Edmonton condo apartment style average is only off 2% from the 1st quarter of 20...
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