Belmead (Edmonton, AB)
By Jason Thomas
(Royal LePage Summit)
Belmead Edmonton Real Estate Volatile is a good way to describe the Belmead average sale price per square foot.  Belmead has seen it's average selling price per square foot vary from the low $210's to almost $300 in the past quarters.  The cause of this volatility is due to the number of two story style homes that sell in each quarter.  When more of them sell in a quarter, the average sale price per square foot plummets in Belmead.  Currently, the average sold price per square foot in Belmead is just over the Edmonton average.  For more detailed sales information including an average sale price graph on Belmead visit Belmead Edmonton Real Estate. 
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Belmead Edmonton Real Estate The Belmead Edmonton real estate average sale price per square foot has been weaker than the Edmonton selling price per square foot for most of the 2009 and 2010.  Belmead had its' strongest quarter in the first quarter of 2010.  Other than that strong quarter, Belmead has consistently been a poorer performer.  There hasn't been a home sold in Belmead so far in January and February of 2011, so we will have to wait and see if this trend reverses. For a comparable market analysis on your home click here. For more MLS® sold information, including graphs, on Belmead in the West end and other Edmonton neighbourhoods click here.
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