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Hella Mitschke Rothwell
Hawaii & California Real Estate Broker
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Having lived in Hawaii for a combined 26 years, I know that for many of you, it is a personal choice to buy or sell real estate here. That means, some of you may always have dreamed about moving to Hawaii, full time or part time. Or maybe your circumstances have changed, and now you have to sell your property.

If you have decided to move here, you may still need to work if you plan to live here, or you are looking for a first or second home, or you are looking for a straight investment, or property that you plan to rent out or stay at for part of the year. Each has different rules and regulations to get accomplished.

And if you plan to retire here, well, the lifestyle you are looking for needs to be discussed first and I can help you. I have spent time on all islands and would be happy to advise you. And once you have decided on YOUR island and YOUR neighborhood, THEN we start looking for your home! And I would like to be there every step of the way!!!

With my background in Hawaii, I see the "lifestyle" and "fun" side of the islands, those qualities that make living here so special. And I want to share my take on the differences of each island, or even neighborhood.

And if you now live in California, I can explain the differences in buying and selling property here in Hawaii vs California.

So if you are interested in buying or selling property in Hawaii, check out my Hawaii website. On it, I offer advice on the buying and selling process, some information on the main islands and, above all, you can find all the listings that are currently available for sale in Honolulu County. Other islands will be added soon. See  www.HellaHawaii.com

And then let's discuss THE LIFESTYLE that you want in Hawaii. 

My website gives some personal insights about living in Hawaii, and which island might be right for you.

And there are lots of photos with more to come!






My areas of expertise have become quite broad, having worked with buyers and sellers very successfully through the downturn of the market in California since 2006. My California brokerage is located in Carmel-by-the-Sea, 

In 2013, I also established a brokerage in Hawaii, and can now assist my clients on both sides of the Pacific. This is of value to my clients since I am licensed to negotiate terms and transactions with clients of both states.

These are some of the types of transactions that I have helped my clients with over the years of being an independent real estate broker:

Luxury residential listings.



Vacant residential land.

Commercial listings.

Multi-family listings.

Whether you are looking for real estate in California or Hawaii, please give me a call and we can discuss your needs.


Aloha 'Aina REALTOR® Awards Program Nominee 2016.

Elizabeth Weintraub
You certainly went above board in helping me to find and buy a home in Hawaii, Hella. I recommend you to everybody. The fact you flew from Oahu over to Big Island the day before closing to complete the final walk through in my place (because I had gone back to California by that time) was really impressive. Agents in California would have said, "Oh, that's too much liability for me," or "let's just skip the walk through," but not you. You hopped on that plane.

Independent real estate broker in Hawaii and California, licensed to negotiate on your behalf in both states. Aloha 'Aina REALTOR® Awards Program Nominee 2016.