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I wrote an earlier post about the election last night of 14 new board members on to the Land Park Communnity Association board.  I thought you might like to learn who will be representing your Land Park  neighborhood interests. Two Year Seats went to: Terry GrimesCraig PowellJohn JensonJ.R. Ridde...
Last night was the BIG night...the voting in of 14 new board members! This is huge considering there is a total of 15 board members...only the current President was not on the slate of candidates. We gathered at Tower Theater. The lobby was filled with Land Park Community Association existing mem...
In recent months I have been saying that Sacramento is stabilizing...we are done with about 80% of our foreclosures, our sales have doubled since last year at this time and it appears that the decline in market values is creeping rather than racing down the speedway. On April 28th, an article cam...
It was a beautiful morning (albeit early for a weekend) at 8AM.  There were more trucks parked on the street than for a rodeo.  The activity around the "chosen" house would put a beehive to shame.  The Sacramento Association of Realtors, along with other wonderful volunteers had committed themsel...
It was an interesting night. It was also an impressive night.  At the front of the room at Eskaton in Land Park sat 19 candidates hoping to be elected into the Land Park Community Association board.  They represented every demographic in the neighborhood.  One gentleman was raised in Land Park.  ...
I was chatting with my favorite (and personal) home insurance representative.  I asked him how busy he was staying.  His response intrigued me.  He said, contrary to his company's opinion of the market, he was busy.  He had just returned from a company wide meeting.  The theme seemed to be how to...
I like background noise.  While music is nice, it doesn't have to be nice tunes.  It can be the television.  It can be people chatting.  It can be my dog snoring.  I just am not a big silence fan.  So, it would not be surprising to learn that I thought it would be a great idea to have background ...
I was really brought up short recently when a co-worker said that they thought blogging was "dangerous".  To say I was really "HUH?-ed" is putting it mildly.  How could blogging be dangerous?  Was there a sinister side to blogging that is hiding just around the corner to rear it's ugly head? Of c...
The value of a Realtor is most apparent when asked to place a market value on a property.  There is no other aspect of real estate that requires as much research, knowledge and continual attention paid to the housing inventory.  If sellers question why they should pay a Realtor instead of selling...
I are thinking that Land Park residents have heard this rumor before.  That was my first reaction.  This is just the same old rumor being reborn...except maybe not! Land Park has longed for a Trader Joe's ever since the first time we heard of the possibility of it becoming a Land Park ...

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