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Due to the ongoing struggles of this neighborhood and its associaitons, it has become a little confusing as to when the meetings are and what they are covering.  I thought I would post this in order to clarify the dates and topics. February 2nd at 7:00PMHoly Spirit School, 3920 West Land Park Dri...
The simpler times.  We fondly remember our childhood, when doors were never locked, we stayed out all day, only to report in when we were hungry or were called in for the day and technology was the new television.  Home.  It was a safe harbor.  It was the one place where you could be yourself. D...
I heard some unbelievable and really unfortunate news tonight.  A private catholic high school, Loretto High School, is closing its doors after 50 years of teaching girls how to succeed in the world. It is the latest casualty of the downturn in the economy.  Only a few years ago they just finishe...
I feel like I really accomplished something.  Newer agents are always asking what they can do to promote themselves inexpensively.  Of course, the internet is the first answer out of most mouths.  However, I am more of a farm person myself.  Maybe that is because I do specialize in mainly one typ...
I am sure that you have noticed the increasing number of vacant homes on the market.  At one time, one out of eight or nine houses were vacant.  In this market, the norm seems to be out of eight or nine are inhabited.  It makes it nice for showing property (although most of them ar...
The Land Park Community Association was created with a noble cause.  In response to the "Sacramento Zoo's Master Plan 2002" a community gathering was organized.  Residents of this unique and quality neighborhood gathered with a common concern.  The Master Plan 2002 had some changes that would dra...
I don't usually promote a commercial product, but this is just too much fun and too sassy to not let you know about it!  I found a website with products offered to those of us who like to be organized.  It also does it with a bit of a twist.  Each tme I looked over their online cataloge I was cra...
01/04/2009's my 57th birthday today.  My husband treated our family to STOMP...if you haven't seen it, DO! Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory...they just don't serve enough food! ;0) Okay..that's the end of that conversation! Now...I was cleaning what I would generously call our library (a wall...
 If you have never visited the Crocker Art Museum, you have really missed something special.  The Crocker is the longest continuously operated museum in the West, founded in 1885.  The Crocker family built one of the finest examples of Victorian Italianate architecture in the United States to hou...

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