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As the time grows closer for a vote at the Sacramento City Council, there is an escalating fervor regardingthe Petrovich development known as Curtis Park Village.  The chasm between the fans of this development and the critics is growing as well.  Much of the chatter is really a result of misinfo...
If you are ready for a little scare or a piercing scream, then here are some places to visit on Halloween: West Sacramento:Visit IKEA from 5 to 7 to trick or treat at plenty of scary house venues! Scandia Fun Center(5070 Hillsdale Lane):Enjoy the "Scream Extreme"! Tickets are $18 for a "Wicket" t...
Now, we have all heard some crazy stuff these days - one of the latest around here is the lender who required the borrower to place flood insurance on the property before funding, then decided to not proceed with the loan. The borrower's insurance won't cancel the policy, so now the borrower owns...
Sacramento's skies have always been busy.  In past years, air force bases ruled as well as the Executive Airport.  While we no longer enjoy sonic booms and military jets screaming across the skies, we do lay claim to the Sacramento International Airport.  As with all airports, they easily get out...
Sacramento businesses, schools, and other community entities collect coats then bring them to News10. The coats are cleaned due to the generosity of Swanson Cleaners. This is a wonderful program that brings the community together to provide coats, not only for kids, but for anyone who needs a new...
Arnold Schwarzenegger passed SB237, which tightens the Housing Value Code of Conduct.  While it certainly doesn't take care of the many issues that have resulted from these guidelines, it does take a step in the right direction. Appraisal management companies, starting January 1st, will be requir...
In a presentation at the California Realtor Expo 2009, consumers, Realtors and the real estate industry predicted what the real estate market is going to look like for the coming year. The median home price is expected to rise to $280,000 compared to $271,000 this year - a 3.3% rise in value.  At...
William Land Park, along with all of the other Sacramento parks are experiencing the annual event of the birth of multitudes of squirrels.  For those of us who love to see these little ones running around, playing tree tag or just darting around, they are truly a joy and one of the highlights of ...
Have you really looked at the t-shirts you own?  Have you thought about what they tell people about you?  This occurred to me last night as I stood in my closet thinking I should really clean it out again.  I have a lot of t-shirts I don't wear... The truth of it is, I really treasure them, even ...
Many of us drive by the future Curtis Park Villageand wonder when we will have a new, wonderful neighborhood to boast about.  If you are so inclined, you may want to attend a meeting at Stonepoint (the corner of Freeport Boulevard and Sutterville Road) to discover the newest developments. The mee...

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