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I Know , I Know....we Texans handle cold about like the Canadians handle 110 degrees with 99% humidity.  But the fact remains Texas weather can change mighty fast. It can be 80 at noon and 25 at night. This was just about one of those weeks. The past week has been a little trying for some here in...
Today our agents at Classic Realty Associates were exceptionally proud..... of one of our own , Gordon LeBlue who received a very coveted award from the local Association Of Realtors. Gordon is a fine gentleman, Realtor, Husband, Father,  and servant to his local community.  Today He received the...
Today a broker friend was telling me about an agent who had very few closings over the past year and that he had asked what this seasoned agent felt was the reason for such a downturn in productivity. The response was  " well not much has come my way this year...." I thought to myself " I wonder ...
We enjoy using our fireplace. It is a big one and eats wood like a shark gulps Tuna. Maybe that isn't such a good thing especially when the chainsaw stubbornly refuses to start.  So today after yanking on the chainsaw starter rope to the point of cardiac failure and a few choice words about Japan...
Each January a lot of blogs come out discussing things how to get motivated for the new year in the real estate profession. Reading these is enjoyable and in most cases can be pretty motivational. In fact they really do motivate and inspire me. So I guess this is my rudimentary attempt at trying ...

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